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Redise – Redis Enterprise from Redis Labs, exponentially increases the power of Redis with an enhanced deployment architecture that delivers effortless scaling, always-on availability and significant cost reduction.

Redise technology encapsulates open source Redis, while fully supporting all its commands, data structures and modules. It adds exceptional flexibility, stable high performance and unmatched resilience, as well as multiple deployment choices (public and private clouds, on-premises, hybrid, RAM-Flash combination) and support for very large dataset sizes.

Always On Availability

Ico Safety

Instant Failure Recovery, No Data Loss
  • Protection against process, node, rack, zone or entire region failure
  • Automatic failure detection and instant failover
  • Recovery in seconds, no data loss

Ico Predictable

Stable and Predictable High Performance
  • High performance pipeline execution
  • High speed connection management
  • Dataset processed by multiple cores

Ico Geo Dist

Active-Active Geo Distribution
  • Low latency data access in every geography
  • Regional failure protection
  • CRDT : Conflict free replicated datatype

Effortless Scaling

Ico Scaling

Simple, Seamless Scaling and Clustering
  • Auto- scaling/re-sharding/re-balancing
  • Supports cross-shard operations
  • No downtime while scaling
  • Linear scalability

Ico Clustering

ACID Compliance in Clusters
  • Multi-command transactions
  • Tunable consistency
  • Tunable durability per operation

Ico Redis Modules

Cluster Support for Redis Modules
  • Auto- scaling with dataset size
  • Linear scaling of module performance

Significant Cost Reduction

Ico Flash

Run on Flash as a RAM extension
  • Reduced costs by over 70%
  • Same sub-millisecond latency processing for larger datasets
  • Improved read-write performance over disk-based systems

Ico Cost Effective

Fewer resources, lower overhead
  • More efficient hardware utilization: fewer servers, lower power & cooling and operational costs
  • Built-in multi-tenancy for higher density placement
  • Reduced on going operations through automation

Ico Support

Top notch 24x7 expert support
  • Most number of Redis experts in the world
  • Expert advice from the team that develops Redis

Redise is proven in production with tens of thousands of customers using our Redise Cloud and Redise Pack offerings.