Redis Enterprise Pricing

Ready to scale at any deployment option.

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Cloud (Hosted)
Cloud (Hosted)
VPC (Managed)
VPC (Managed)
Clouds AWS, Azure, GCP, Softlayer AWS, Azure, GCP Any Cloud or Private Data Center
Fully Hosted Yes
Shared Cloud Environments Yes
Fully Managed Yes Yes
VPCs/Dedicated Cloud Environments Yes Yes
Private Datacenters Yes
Infinite Seamless Scalability Yes Yes Yes
True High-Availability & Instant Auto-Failover Yes Yes Yes
Persistence, DR and Backups Yes Yes Yes
Sustained Performance at Scale Yes Yes Yes
Redis on Flash Yes Yes
Active-Active Geo Distribution (CRDT-Based) Yes Yes
Active-Passive Geo-Distribution ("Replica Of") Yes Yes
Built-in Enterprise Search Yes Yes
Integrated Modules such as ReJSON, Redis Graph and Redis-ML Yes Yes
Integrated with Pivotal CF, Kubernetes, Swarm Yes

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