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The world's leading real‑time data platform

Redis Enterprise is simply the best version of Redis, the most loved database in the world. It delivers unmatched performance, scalability, innovation, and cost-effectiveness across clouds, on-premises, and hybrid deployments.

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    Do more with Redis


    Love the enhanced data structures, variety of modules, and rapid innovation with faster time to market

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    Run Redis at scale


    Love the enterprise grade resiliency, massive scalability, ease of management, and operational simplicity

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    Win with Redis


    Love the confidence of running with 99.999% uptime, best-in-class security, and expert support from the creators of Redis

The ultimate Redis experience

  • Sub-millisecond data processing under any load
  • Five-nines (99.999%) uptime with active-active deployment
  • Efficient TCO with multi-tenancy and tiered memory access
  • In the cloud, on-premises or hybrid

Powering applications for the data-driven economy

  • Build with JSON, TimeSeries, Streams, Graph, and BloomFilter, with extensive indexing and search capabilities
  • Program any operation across data models, with unprecedented performance and a single unified interface
  • Serve your AI models with the fastest inferencing engine
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Real-time database for business-critical applications
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