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As the second largest sports site in the world, Bleacher Report handles more than 80 Million visitors each month. We rely on Redis Labs to super charge our app... who else can deliver response in under a couple milliseconds?”

Tung Nguyen

Senior Director of Engineering at Bleacher Report

Redis scalability is very important to our application. Redis Cloud allows us to automatically scale up and down, with zero downtime in between.”

Ken Cochrane

Engineering Manager at Docker

Enabling more than 100,000 developers to consume 9,000 APIs, Mashape is a leading API marketplace for developers. With Redis Cloud’s new sharding technology, we were able to reduce response time from 4 to 0.70 milliseconds, during our 80,000 ops/second daily peaks.”

Marco Palladino

Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Mashape

RLEC helps us create a multi-tenant Redis infrastructure that scales automatically with our platform. With RLEC, we see lower operational costs and a stable, reliable Redis deployment.”

William Kazis

Global SaaS Engineer at itsLearning

Auto scaling is great to have and Redis Cloud handles all our scaling needs without any downtime. We at Stance have architected things to be very efficient, but Redis Cloud surprised us with how effortlessly efficient it can be.”

Andrew Spencer

Director of Technology at Stance

We love your service. Seriously - the best cloud service we've ever used.”

Albert Ho

Engineer at Rumble Entertainment

I no longer have to worry about the availability of my Redis layer- it is one less problem to worry about in my IT stack. And I save more than I had expected on hardware and operations personnel time!”

Qin Yu

Director of Engineering at Xignite

Redis Cloud offered something no one else did: zero downtime upgrades and downgrades. Redis Cloud is a no-brainer, even running a single medium tier EC2 instance would be more expensive than using Redis Cloud.”

Zoheb Sait

Chief of Technology at Vetr

If your application is using Redis, then don’t look beyond Redis Cloud. Scaling on demand, reliability and excellent support are some of the things that you can take for granted. You can focus on building your applications, while Redis Cloud does the scaling magic behind the scenes.”

Jatinder Singh

System Architecture and Ops Lead at Hotel Tonight

With Redis Cloud, we are able to utilize key infrastructure components with quality scalable performance. We also don't have to hassle with database setup and script writing, thus allowing us to focus on what we do best: data integration on the cloud.”

Moty Michaely

VP R&D at Xplenty

Trusted by 1,000s of Customers

Redis Labs Provides Zero-hassle Redis and Streamlined Operations at Twitter

How to handle >1 billion page views a month cost effectively with Redis Labs

Redis Labs Enables Twitch to handle 2M + Concurrent Users with <1ms Latencies, High Availability and Seamless Scaling

Bleacher Report delivers lightning fast response time with redis labs

Hotel Tonight ensures ultra fast booking with Redis Labs

redis labs helps stance define the modern retail experience

Delivering Financial Market Data On-Demand with Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster (RLEC) Leverages Redis Cloud to Scale Their 200GB In-Memory Database

Scopely Gets the High Scores with Redis Labs

How Pixlee Uses Redis Labs to Serve Top Brands

vetr delivers financial advice in real-time with redis cloud

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