Fraud Mitigation

Fraud Mitigation

  • Anomaly Detection
  • Risk Assessment
  • Bot Detection
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Risk Assessment
  • Bot Detection
  • Identity Protection
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Connection Analysis
Fraud mitigation scenarios like the above, often require continuous processing and analysis of reams of data. To accomplish detection, notification and triggering prevention in real-time requires not just tremendous data ingest and computing power, it also requires a variety of functionality that traditional databases are not built for.

How Redis Enterprise Makes This Easy

Why This is Hard With Other Databases:

Too Slow:

Most other disk-based or NoSQL databases are designed for slower analytics and cannot deliver the sub-millisecond response times of Redis at high throughput.

Too complex:

Traditional or other NoSQL databases require a great deal of complex application development to provide functionality such as counting millions of events or triggering timely notifications, while Redis delivers a range of functionality with simplicity.

Takes too long:

Most other databases require huge amounts of resources to handle the millions of ops/sec and sub-millisecond latencies needed for real-time fraud detection.

Featured Customer

Simility uses Redis Enterprise to detect fraud in real time

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Redis Enterprise for Fraud Mitigation

Accelerate Detection:

Redis Enterprise’s high performance and versatility accomplish fraud mitigation functionality – ingest, processing, analysis and action- all in real time, and with very few resources.

Fast Time to Market:

Built in data structures and modules in Redis Enterprise provide the simplest way to implement analytics, machine learning and operational functions necessary for fraud detection such as Hyperloglog for large memory efficient counts, Sorted Sets for scoring and ranking user actions, and Hash for tracking user activity.

Lowest costs:

Redis Enterprise delivers millions of writes/sec at <1 ms latency with just a modest server instance. Redis Enterprise Flash makes it cost-effective to deliver such high performance by using tiered access to a combination of RAM and Flash memory.

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