Distributed real-time search and secondary indexing engine optimized for performance

RediSearch is a fast search engine that enables you to query your recently indexed Redis data to answer any kind of complex question. Use it as a secondary index for datasets hosted on other data stores, a fast text search or auto-complete engine, and as a search engine that powers other modules like RedisGraph and RedisTimeSeries.

Rich with features, RediSearch supports many capabilities including ranking, boolean queries, geo-filters, synonyms, numeric filters and ranges, aggregation, and more, and even allows you to add your own custom scoring code.

A short walkthrough of RediSearch with Redis Enterprise


Fastest search engine

At least x4 faster than Solr or Elasticsearch, using optimal in-memory architecture based on modern data structures and optimal code execution written in C

Instant indexing

Query during indexing and instantly after data has been indexed

Searchable Redis

Make your existing Redis dataset searchable in a few simple steps

Search across any data model

Support complex search queries on RedisGraph, RedisTimeSeries*, and other modules* *Coming soon

Use Cases

Full-text search

Search for single or multiple words or phrases and execute full-text and linguistic queries in real time


Guide users to relevant results as they are typing, improving search precision with autocomplete functionality

Real-time indexing

Make data, including all changes to it, immediately visible to search with real-time indexing

Secondary indexing

Build relationships between records and perform sophisticated aggregate searches with secondary indexes

Social networking

Implement powerful social and business search functionality, weight and score results, and personalize end-user experiences

RediSearch Sizing Calculator

Size your RediSearch deployment according to your specific requirements.

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Main capabilities

Scalable distributed search

Scale out and partition RediSearch over several shards and nodes for greater speed and memory capacity. Each shard holds only the part of the search index associated with all the documents residing on the shard. A search coordinator is responsible for coordinating the query execution across multiple shards of the cluster.

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Support complex aggregation operations

Compose a pipeline of simple operations to develop advanced, aggregate queries to narrow down your search results. This incredibly powerful feature allows for data to not only be queried but summarized mathematically to deliver analytical insights.

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Powerful autocomplete engine

Enrich your search experience with context-aware suggestions. Enable ‘fuzzy’ searching where exact matching is needed, and maintain suggestions dynamically based on queries and questions.

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Powerful search engine for multi-tenant applications

Isolate your data and manage multiple indices per tenant to search at high speed with a small memory footprint.