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The GUI for streamlined Redis application development

Explore and interact with your data
Reduce memory usage
Monitor commands in real time
Leverage dedicated tooling for popular Redis modules


RedisInsight provides an intuitive and efficient GUI for Redis, allowing you to interact with your databases and manage your data—with built-in support for most popular Redis modules. It provides tools to analyze the memory, profile the performance of your database usage, and guide you toward better Redis usage.


Visualize and interact with your Redis data

Browse and explore your Redis databases and intuitively interact with your data.

Improve the developer experience

Speed up your developer workflows by easily creating queries, exploring the results, and debugging them.

Optimize Redis usage

Diagnose performance, profile the way your application uses Redis to identify bottlenecks, and optimize Redis usage.

Support Redis modules

Built-in support for RedisGraph, RediSearch, RedisTimeseries, RedisJSON, Redis Streams, and complex data structures.

Monitor your Redis databases

Analyze, manage, and monitor your Redis databases and clusters.

Main capabilities

Supporting Redis OSS, Redis Enterprise, Redis Cloud, Amazon ElastiCache and most popular Redis modules, RedisInsight provides an intuitive GUI for Redis and helps optimize your use of Redis in your applications.

Visualize and Interact with Redis databases

Scan existing keys, add new ones, perform CRUD or bulk operations. Display objects in a pretty-print JSON objects format and support friendly keyboard navigation.

Built-in support for Redis modules

Query, visualize, and interactively manipulate graph, streams and time-series data. Build queries, explore the results, optimize, and quickly iterate with a multi-line query editor. Support for RedisJSON, RediSearch, RedisGraph, Streams, RedisTimeSeries, and RedisGears.

Memory analysis for Redis

Analyze memory usage offline—without affecting Redis performance—by key patterns, key expiry, and advanced search to identify memory issues. Leverage recommendations to reduce memory usage.

Trace Redis commands

Identify top keys, key patterns, and commands. Filter by client IP address, key, or command across all nodes of a cluster. Effectively debug Lua scripts.

Intuitive CLI

When a GUI is not enough, our command-line interface, leveraging the redis-cli, provides syntax highlighting and auto-complete and employs integrated help to deliver intuitive, in-the-moment assistance.

Administer Redis

Gain insights into real-time performance metrics, inspect slow commands, and manage Redis configuration directly through the interface.

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Introducing RedisInsight

Introducing RedisInsight, the missing GUI for Redis helping through the whole process of developing your application with Redis. 

Release notes

RedisInsight gets new capabilities every month. Read on to check out new releases and features added to the product. 

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