Redis Enterprise Cloud

Fully managed cloud service by the makers of Redis

Performance, operational simplicity, and
more than cache in the cloud

Unify your hybrid and multi-cloud data layer with Redis Enterprise Cloud. Launch a Redis database in just a few seconds.

Run on any cloud and region on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud with just a few clicks of a button.

Seamlessly migrate your Redis datasets between your on-premise deployment and the cloud or between clouds. Scale up and down elastically with five-nines availability and attractive TCO.

Redis Enterprise Cloud benefits

Five-nines uptime

Up to 99.999% uptime for your business-critical applications.

Attractive TCO

Start free, pay only for the dataset size and throughput you provision, leverage tiered memory architecture at large scale (DRAM and SSD).

Built for speed and instant experiences

In-memory database that enables sub-millisecond performance.

Architectural simplicity and scale

Infinitely scale your application data while maintaining linear, real-time performance.

Hybrid and multi-cloud

Distribute your datasets across regions, clouds, or hybrid environments while maintaining sub-millisecond access time.

Enhanced developer productivity

Redis data structures and modules empower developers to do more faster.

Fully managed across any cloud

Automatically size, scale, upgrade, and operate your cloud deployments on Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or Amazon Web Services.

Trusted by companies like:

Redis Cloud provided the single-digit latency we required, allowing us to always meet our customer SLAs. Customer experience is our priority and we are able to deliver top-of-the-line services without compromising performance.

—Heather Wade

VP of Engineering, Whitepages

Redis Enterprise’s auto scaling capabilities have eliminated days of manual effort previously required to ensure that workers were readily available for scaling during high-traffic times. In addition, we’ve had no problem achieving 99.99% uptime.

—Stephen Brandon

Engineering Manager, Infrastructure, Coffee Meet Bagel

Redis Cloud brought huge improvements in efficiency, doing a better job with less cloud infrastructure and allowing us to grow beyond what we could have predicted.

—Gonzalo Garcia

CTO, Etermax

Build, operate, and scale with freedom 

Today’s data platforms have a huge gap when it comes to handling the speed, complexity, and scale of cloud-native applications. Built for modern distributed applications, Redis Enterprise Cloud enables you to run any query, simple or complex, at sub-millisecond performance at virtually infinite scale without worrying about operational complexity or service availability. With modern probabilistic data structures and extensible data models, including Search, JSON, Graph, and Time Series, you can rely on Redis as your data-platform for all your real-time needs.

Key features

True high availability

  • Single-digit seconds auto-failover time
  • Pure in-memory replication
  • Built-in data-persistence, periodic backups, and auto-cluster recovery

Linear scalability and
instant performance

  • Auto-scaling, re-sharding, and rebalancing 
  • Up to 200M ops/sec at sub-millisecond latency

Unify data across hybrid, multi-cloud,
and the globe

  • CRDTs-based Active-Active deployment
  • Seamless conflict resolution
  • Local read AND write latency across clouds and geos
  • Disaster recovery, instant failover between regions, clouds, and hybrid deployments

Modern data-model for modern applications

  • RediSearch, RedisJSON, RedisGraph, RedisTimeSeries, and RedisBloom enable new modern use-cases at the Redis speed
  • Reducing complexity and improving TCO with a single data platform for all your real-time data processing needs

RedisInsight developer tool

Powerful Redis UI that allows you to:

  • Explore and interact with any data-structure or data-model in Redis
  • Analyze and optimize your memory usage
  • Monitor commands in real-time
  • Get insight into new Redis capabilities with full visibility
Unlocking the Cloud-Native Data Layer e-book

Unlocking the Cloud-Native Data Layer

Maximize your business potential with a cloud and data layer strategy

As you migrate to the cloud and decide your infrastructure and application architectures, it is critical to decide your data layer strategy up front. Learn how you can fully realize the promises of the cloud by implementing a future-proof data layer.

Start today for free

Getting started with Redis Enterprise Cloud is easy. You can get your feet wet with a free trial of Redis Enterprise Cloud, or if you want to scale out Redis Enterprise immediately, our Flexible and Annual plans are your best bet.