Redis<sup>e</sup> Pack

Redise Pack

Downloadable software for deploying enterprise grade, highly available and scalable Redis clusters

Why Redise Pack

Redise Pack is downloadable software for deploying enterprise grade, highly available and scalable Redis clusters with substantially lower operational overhead than any other Redis deployment method.

Redise Pack extends open source Redis and delivers tangible benefits of stable high performance, zero-downtime linear scaling and hassle-free true high availability, with significant operational savings.

Redise Pack also augments Redis databases with the capability to use a combination of RAM and cost-effective Flash memory, retaining the same sub-millisecond latencies of Redis at drastically lower costs.

Install Redise Pack in your environment of choice, be it in an on-premises data-center or your preferred public or private cloud platform, with full control of your data and configuration.

Enjoy our 30 day FREE TRIAL of 4 shards and the unique Redis Enterprise Flash technology.
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  • Seamless scalability

    Grow your dataset beyond the largest node in the cluster and process it by any number of CPU cores, while choosing your own sharding policy. Scale your dataset dynamically, and without downtime, by simply changing the memory limit setting or increasing the number of shards with the click of a button.

  • True High Availability with Continuous Replication

    Achieve continuous in-memory replication and instant automatic failover across racks/zones/datacenters with the click of a button. Protect your Redis datasets with UI, CLI or API-enabled replication, persistence, backups and disaster recovery.

  • Hybrid deployment and geo-region replication

    Efficiently replicate Redis databases across Redise Pack deployments in different regions or between Redise Pack and Redise Cloud Private deployments, with built-in compression and WAN optimization technologies. Create multi-region, multi-cloud or hybrid (on-premises and cloud) Redise deployments that accelerate your applications and require zero time to DR.

  • Predictable High Performance

    Gain top-notch performance even in intensive disk-access scenarios with Redise enhancements such as maximizing command pipelining, maintaining optimal persistent connections to every shard of your databases, and utilizing multiple CPU cores. Real-time shard migration isolates high-load databases from other databases running on the same node.

  • 24/7 Support From Redis Experts

    Enjoy our premium 24/7 support with a support subscription, via the Redis Labs’ online or phone helpdesk. Reap benefits from the tremendous operational expertise of the team that develops and maintains open source Redis and the professionals who manage hundreds of thousands of Redis databases daily.

  • Cluster Automation

    Automate day to day maintenance tasks such as database scaling, data-persistence tuning, auto-failover, re-sharding, shards migration and rebalancing needs.

  • In-depth Monitoring and Management UI

    Simplify operations with Redise Pack’s intuitive user interface (UI) to set up, configure and monitor the cluster and each database. Redise Pack provides configurable threshold-based alerts for over twenty important Redis metrics and integration with third-party monitoring tools such as Nagios.

  • Email Alerts

    Gain instant alert notifications for Redis specific metrics such as exceeding memory limits or crossing designated thresholds for latency, high throughput or low throughput.

The Technology Behind Redise Pack

Redise clustering technology, proven in production with tens of thousands of customers, provides the advantages of:

A zero-latency multi-proxy architecture that shields your application from all cluster complexity

Your application can continue working as if it is accessing a single instance of Redis, even in a scaled out environment,  with support for all Redis commands. The proxy forwards the requests to the relevant cluster shards in a fully transparent manner.

Cross rack/zone/datacenter/region true high availability

Redise Pack includes watchdog processes that constantly monitor the Redis databases and nodes ensuring instant detection of any failure scenario and automatic failover across racks, zones, datacenters, regions and even clouds.

Decoupling of the data path from the control and management path

Each Redis instance in Redise works as an independent unit in a “shared-nothing” architecture. Our cluster manager component runs outside of the Redis core and on each node of the cluster, making sure that operations like auto-scaling, re-sharding, re-balancing, failover, shard migration, database provisioning and software upgrades do not impact the data path. The cluster manager also ensures consistent high performance by using multiple internal algorithms to avoid “noisy neighbor” problems.

Simplified and automated operations and database management

Redise Pack provides UI, CLI and API based management and automation for day to day ongoing operations such as database provisioning, clustering, auto-scaling, re-sharding and rebalancing, with full visibility into and alerting based on Redis-specific metrics.

Breakthrough Redise Flash technology for cost-effective large dataset processing

This unique technology treats Flash memory as an extension of RAM, and ensures high performance through a tiered approach to store keys and “hot” values in RAM, while “cold” values are stored in Flash. Multi- threaded and asynchronous Redis is used when accessing objects on Flash for optimal Flash performance, while retaining compatibility with all Redis commands and data types.