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Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise is now generally available!

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Develop, operate, and scale Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise

The Enterprise Tiers of Azure Cache for Redis are now generally available as a native service on Azure, fully managed by Microsoft. This new offering combines Azure’s global presence, flexibility, security, and compliance with Redis Enterprise’s unmatched availability, performance, and extended data structure functionality to create the best experience for enterprises. Customers also benefit from unified billing, their consumption being accounted for against their existing commitment to the cloud, and the familiar Microsoft Azure Portal user experience.

What customers are saying about
Redis Enterprise on Azure

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We are extremely excited about the added functionality in the Azure Cache for Redis, Enterprise Tiers. We know, love, and have used Redis for years as a key component in our industry leading real-time IoT control & monitoring platform. The Enterprise tiers allow us to do more with Redis by leveraging the RedisTimeSeries module to support data collection and analytics from hundreds of thousands of IoT sensors.

—Aaron Phillips

CEO & President, SitePro


Built-in resiliency to overcome the toughest outage scenarios

Redis Enterprise is backed by a powerful SLA guaranteeing high availability. This means customers can safeguard against every type of failure with high availability, instant failure detection, and single-digit-seconds failover across regions and availability zones.

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Savings at scale

Azure Cache for Redis, Enterprise SSD Tier, offers the unique ability to manage terabytes of data in Redis at significant cost savings. In addition, tiered memory lets your Redis databases span DRAM, Flash with fast NVMe, and persistent memory.

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Extended use-case support

Access Redis Enterprise modules to further enable use cases like data analytics and machine learning, eliminating the need to maintain specialty databases for each application.

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Native developer experience

Integrate Redis Enterprise into Azure development cycles by leveraging Azure security, configuration, support, and billing mechanisms.


Unify data across hybrid, multi-cloud, and the globe

Leverage Active-Geo Replication with CRDT (Conflict Resolution Data Types) for seamless conflict resolution and local read and write latency across clouds and geos.


Highest SLA

Deliver the highest SLA available and enable a disaster-proof architecture for mission critical apps with multi-zone deployments and active geo-replication.


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