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Rapidly Build and Deploy Modern Applications with Redis Enterprise
on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Redis Azure Today we rely on instant access to digital products and services. To successfully compete, enterprises need to rapidly deliver innovative applications that provide the real-time digital experiences their customers have come to expect. In addition, more and more enterprises are shifting towards leading cloud services and recognizing the many advantages of microservices architectures. To overcome these challenges, enterprises are leveraging cloud-native multi-model databases that can support a variety of use cases, while operating at sub-millisecond response time in a highly reliable and scalable manner with instant Redis delivery.

Enterprises around the world rely on Microsoft® Azure™ to provide trusted cloud services for running their mission critical applications on hybrid and fully cloud-based IT architectures. Azure empowers developers with the freedom to build, manage and deploy modern applications on a massive and highly secure global network using a wide array of tools and frameworks.

Microsoft and Redis Labs have partnered to deliver Redis Enterprise, a powerful multi-model database, to help enterprises rapidly develop and confidently deploy their mission critical real-time applications on Azure. Redis Enterprise on Azure extends open source Redis with multi-model capabilities (including support for document, graph and search use cases), stable high performance, seamless cost-effective scaling, and unmatched high availability. It also relieves enterprises from the complexities of infrastructure operations and database management, allowing them to focus on delivering innovative application features to their customers.

Empower your Developers with The Freedom to Build

Advanced features and multi-model capabilities make Redis Enterprise an ideal choice for developers building modern applications on Azure. It can be used for a variety of real-time application use cases including user session stores, high speed transactions, caching, real-time analytics, fast data ingest, messaging, job and queue management, geospatial search, recommendation engines, time-series and many more. Redis Enterprise on Azure spans across all verticals with a strong appeal to leading retail, financial services, media, social, and gaming companies modernizing critical applications to deliver instant experiences to their end users.

  • Multiple dedicated databases — utilize multiple databases in a single cluster, each running as a dedicated process and in a non-blocking manner
  • Predictable high performance at linear scale, delivering millions of ops/sec at sub-millisecond latencies
  • Enhanced security with built-in TLS/SSL encryption for data in transit, to defend against attacks, vulnerabilities and malicious activity
  • Speed up development using any of Redis’ 150 clients in over 50 programming languages and versatile data structures: strings, bitmaps, bit field, hashes, lists, sets, sorted sets, geospatial indexes, hyperloglog, and streams
  • Extend the capabilities of Redis with your own custom modules and built-in Redis Enterprise modules such as RediSearch, RedisGraph, RedisJSON, RedisML and RedisBloom

Built-in High Availability to Overcome The Toughest Outage Scenarios

Cloud applications are increasingly being used for critical data that must remain highly available. Considering that the average Redis instance handles 100,000 operations per second, even one minute of downtime can bring an entire system to its knees.

Redis Enterprise was built from the ground up to safeguard your application with full resilience to every type of failure scenario including process failure, node failure, complete data center outage or a network split event.

Cluster Architecture Symmetric Architecture Diagram

Full-proof, high availability:

  • Fully automated Redis Enterprise database operations on Microsoft Azure
  • Enterprise-ready database with automated zero-downtime scaling without any interruption to your application
  • Active-Active geographic distribution (CRDTs) delivers strong eventual consistency, local latency and global availability with reads/writes in multiple regions to the same dataset
  • Cross-datacenter/region/cloud in-memory replication & policy-driven persistence
  • Instant failure detection & failover, backups (including to Azure Blob Storage), and disaster recovery for full resilience
  • Create resilient multi-region, multi-cloud or hybrid architectures

Powerful Microsoft Azure Integrations

Real-time Microsoft Power BI Reporting

Monitor Redis data through dashboards and ensure that your analysis reflects Redis data in real-time by scheduling refreshes or refreshing on demand

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Machine Learning for Azure Databricks

Simplify your machine learning lifecycle by saving your training model in Redis-ML. Developers can serve Spark processes and SQL queries with Redis Enterprise and instantly run analytics processing using Databricks’ cloud-based Spark clusters

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Azure IoT Edge

With RedisEdge in the Azure IoT Edge runtime environment, enjoy blazing fast performance with the ability to ingest millions of writes per second with <1ms latency and real-time processing of data from a broad array of sensors, actuators and other devices. RedisEdge provides a data services platform for Azure IoT Edge, including a fast general data store, a message broker between Azure Edge modules, streams processing, a time-series database, and in-memory processing for image recognition and deep learning models

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Microsoft and Redis Labs Drive Customer Success

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“We have been using Redis Enterprise for over 4 years now and it’s handled peak traffic for us without a hiccup. On election night, we received 2 billion requests in a day and Redis Enterprise worked flawlessly. Redis Enterprise has also guaranteed we deliver applications faster and with greater reliability than ever before.”

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“Redis Enterprise just works. We simply insert building blocks into Redis Enterprise VPC as we go and rest easy knowing that, whatever the future holds, Redis Labs has us covered.”

Multiple Delivery Models

Redis Enterprise on Azure is available as a fully managed Database-as-a-Service, either hosted or in customers’ virtual private clouds (VPCs), as well as downloadable software. This solution is backed by 24×7 enterprise-support from the company that develops and maintains Redis. Redis Labs brings unique expertise in managing and scaling 600K+ production Redis databases worldwide.

Redis Enterprise Microsoft Azure Diagram

Deployment capabilities include:

  • Multi-region, multi-cloud, on-premises or hybrid (on-premises and cloud) deployments
  • For large datasets, Redis on Flash (RoF) enables you to extend Redis databases to Flash SSDs for delivering RAM-like latency and performance while substantially reducing infrastructure costs
  • Built-in Kubernetes integration simplifies operations in containerized environments with automatic service discovery, high availability, and rolling upgrades with zero data loss

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