Distributed real-time search and secondary-indexing engine
for Redis

RediSearch is a real-time search engine that enables you to query your Redis data to answer a wide variety of complex questions. Use it as a secondary index for datasets hosted in Redis or search across data in other data stores, as a fast text search or auto-complete engine, as well as an engine for light-speed aggregations and faceted queries.

Rich with features, RediSearch supports capabilities for search and filtering such as geo-spatial queries, retrieving only IDs (instead of whole documents), and custom document scoring. Aggregations can combine map, filter, and reduce/groupby operations in custom pipelines that run across millions of elements in an instant.

RediSearch also supports auto-completion with fuzzy prefix matching, and atomic real-time insertion of new documents to a search index.

A short walkthrough of RediSearch with Redis Enterprise


Fastest search engine

Based on modern in-memory data structures implemented in C, RediSearch has been benchmarked to perform 5x faster than Solr and Elasticsearch.

Instant indexing

Adding data to an index makes it immediately available. RediSeach has no indexing delay, you always read your own writes.

Searchable Redis

Make your existing Redis dataset searchable in a few simple steps, turning Redis into a full-featured primary database.

Scalable to your needs

Scale your search engine on-demand and enjoy continued operations in any scenario with Active-Active geo-distribution.

Use cases

Ephemeral indexing

Don’t waste space by holding on to stale search indexes. Instead, create and rapidly populate indexes that exist only while actively being used.

Real-time inventory

An always up-to-date inventory can improve the retail experience for your customers, as well as increase the effectiveness of all inventory-related operations.

Unified search

Build relationships between records and perform sophisticated aggregate searches with secondary indexes, while still keeping your raw data in external databases.

RediSearch sizing calculator

Size your RediSearch deployment according to your specific requirements.

RediSearch with RedisInsights

RedisInsight is an intuitive visual tool to help you explore and analyze your data in Redis.

RedisInsight support for RediSearch allows you to:

  • Build and execute queries
  • Browse, analyze, and export results

By using RedisInsight, you get faster feedback when developing new queries, helping streamline the process of building applications with Redis and RediSearch.


Main capabilities

If required, scale out and partition RediSearch over several shards and nodes for greater speed and memory capacity. Each shard holds a segment of the full search index and a search coordinator handles the query execution across multiple shards of the cluster.

Support complex aggregation operations

Compose a pipeline of simple operations to develop advanced aggregate queries to narrow down your search results. This incredibly powerful feature allows for data to not only be queried, but also summarized mathematically to deliver analytical insights.

Powerful autocomplete engine

Enrich your search experience with context-aware suggestions. Enable ‘fuzzy’ searching where exact matching is needed, and maintain suggestions dynamically based on queries and questions.

Powerful search engine for multi-tenant applications

Isolate your data and manage multiple indices per tenant to search at high speed with a small memory footprint.

Enterprise-grade reliability and business continuity

RediSearch can be deployed as a multi-site, Active-Active search engine—letting you automatically index and replicate data across regions, scale your search database infinitely on demand, and enjoy continued operation in any scenario.

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Introducing RediSearch 2.0

Some exciting new features are coming in RediSearch 2.0, including an improved developer experience as a result of a new architecture. Explore the public preview to discover what’s new, including:

  • The ability to instantly search any Redis database. Existing data is automatically indexed, with minimal performance degradation or changes to application code.
  • Real-time search for globally distributed data. Active-Active technology and support for advanced replica-of functionality ensure reliability and business continuity.
  • 2.4x faster search compared to RediSearch 1.6