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Redis Digital Transformation Index

Survey provides insights into database technology influence

Our lives are digitally dependent. If anyone wasn’t yet convinced, living through a pandemic for the past year has clearly demonstrated that digital transformation is real. Businesses around the globe and across industries—from healthcare to finance to education to retail to gaming—have all shifted gears to become more digitally-led than ever before.

But how does one measure Digital Transformation? We believe that besides a digital mindset, there’s a set of technologies that are critical in enabling and fueling digital transformations. To better gauge the stage and maturity of customer efforts, we are introducing the first Redis Digital Transformation Index report. We surveyed 550 AWS re:Invent respondents to assess their digital transformation journeys across the cloud, microservices, containers, and NoSQL databases. 

Read the full report and see how you compare.

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Key Findings

Cloud is the leading driving force in digital transformation 

Given that cloud computing is pervasive, we weren’t surprised to see it have the highest score amongst respondents.

Consumer behavior dictated transformation pace across industries

While COVID has presented the retail and gaming industries with opportunities for change, the pandemic has posed an existential threat to the travel and hospitality industry and the education sector.

DevOps teams pick cost, performance and security as top considerations for new databases

Cost was the top factor overall, but the importance of each varies by industry.

Digital transformation for financial services and retail

A cloud-native, real-time data layer enables a smooth digital transformation journey by providing flexibility, security, and operational simplicity for your business. Learn how Redis Enterprise helps accelerate digital transformation in financial services and retail.

Meet real-time requirements for digital banking

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Deliver omnichannel shopping journeys

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Accelerate your own digital transformation

Understanding how your data layer affects digital transformation is the first step in architecting a well-designed journey. Download the Redis Enterprise Primer Kit to establish your foundation, then speak with one of our experts to customize a plan for your business.

Included in the Redis Enterprise Primer Kit:

  • Redis for Dummies
  • Strategic Data Flexibility
  • Find Your Path to the Cloud
  • Latency is the New Outage

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