JSON as a native data type in Redis

RedisJSON provides fast in-memory manipulation of JSON documents at high velocity and volume. With RedisJSON, you can natively store document data in a hierarchical, tree-like format to scale and query documents efficiently, significantly improving performance over storing and manipulating JSON with Lua and core Redis data structures.

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Native JSON datatype in Redis

Easily manipulate JSON values with powerful commands and eliminate the need to translate JSON objects to other Redis data structures

Fast, in-memory JSON store

Gain fast access to JSON sub-elements in memory to process millions of operations per second at sub-millisecond latency

Enterprise grade

Enjoy Redis Enterprise’s infinite linear scale enabled by a shared-nothing architecture, high availability with single-digit-seconds failover and multiple persistence options for built-in durability

Use Cases


Customize experiences by providing relevant content instantly, based on user preferences, trends, and interactions

Customer 360

Get a real-time 360° view of your customer to create instant and relevant experiences

Full-text search

Search for single or multiple words or phrases and execute full-text and linguistic queries in real time

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Main capabilities

JSON standard as Redis data type

Implement ECMA-404 (the JSON Data Interchange Standard) as a native data type. RedisJSON allows you to store, update, manipulate, and fetch JSON values from Redis keys (documents).

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Server-side atomic operations

Reduce response times and improve efficiency by eliminating special serialization or deserialization of JSON objects. RedisJSON outperforms any other technique for storing JSON object in Redis, such as using Lua for manipulating JSON or msgpack objects.

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Linear scale to any size and throughput

Stored in native Redis keys, JSON objects can benefit from the inherent linear scaling capability of Redis Enterprise.

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