Fast graph processing powered by linear algebra and matrix multiplication

RedisGraph is based on a unique approach and architecture that translates Cypher queries to matrix operations executed over a GraphBLAS engine. This new design allows use cases like social graph operation, fraud detection, and real-time recommendation to be executed 10x – 600x faster than any other graph database.

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Fastest graph database with small memory footprint

Process complex graph operation in real time, 10x - 600x faster than any other Graph database while reducing memory consumption by more than 60%

Ease of use

An alternative to any Cypher-based graph database that doesn't require changes to application code

Integrated graph and search

Graph queries, powered by RediSearch, allow exploring relationships between objects for valuable insights from the graph dataset

Use Cases


Customize experiences by providing relevant content instantly, based on user preferences, trends, and interactions

Customer 360

Get a real-time 360° view of your customer to create instant and relevant experiences

Full-text search

Search for single or multiple words or phrases and execute full-text and linguistic queries in real time

RediGraph Sizing Calculator

Size your RediGraph deployment according to your specific requirements.

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Main capabilities

Powered by GraphBLAS engine

GraphBLAS defines standard building blocks for graph algorithms in linear algebra. Co-sponsored by Redis Labs, the SuiteSparse open source library executes graph traversal in the most optimal way.

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Sparse adjacency matrices

Reduce the amount of memory required to store large graphs of connected data, with state-of-the-art sparse matrices.

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Cypher query

Instantly translates the industry-standard Cypher query language for graph queries into linear algebraic expressions.

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