Redis Enterprise

Redis Enterprise Cloud

Hosted DBaaS in a dedicated VPC. Supports advanced capabilities like Active-Active Geo Distribution, Redis-on-Flash, Search. Graph or Document data models . Can be migrated to your own cloud account. Price per shard. Starts at $0.758/hr. FIRST $100 FREE!


Simple as 1-2-3


Setup Your Cloud

Enjoy the seamless scaling, high performance and cost-effectiveness of Redis Enterprise databases inside your own secure cloud. Start by provisioning it in a few simple steps.

Create Database(s)

Choose RAM or RAM +Flash deployments based on your performance/cost profile. With tiered access to RAM and SSDs, Redis on Flash delivers extremely high performance with less demanding infrastructure costs.

Monitor Your Database(s)

Scale your datasets up and down seamlessly, with an in-depth view into key operational metrics, without any downtime. Built-in data persistence, durability and high availability ensure a fail-safe operation.


  • Active-Active Geographic Distribution with CRDTs

    Achieve local latencies and global availability with reads and writes in multiple geographic regions to the same dataset. CRDTs provide automatic and intelligent conflict resolution, simplifying development and operation of globally distributed applications.

  • Built in High Performance Search

    Rapid fire simultaneous indexing and search provides 5x speedier results than standard search technologies. Text, numeric and geospatial searches with filtering, stemming and autocomplete power secondary indexing from any other DBMS.

  • Infinite seamless scalability

    Your dataset can grow to any size needed (beyond the largest cloud instances) without any limitation of Redis commands. We will automatically add new instances to your cluster according to your actual dataset size, or remove them when needed, without any interruption to your applications.

  • Integrated and Custom Modules

    Extend Redis databases to an infinite variety of uses with built-in enterprise modules or your own custom modules. Redis Enterprise extends cluster coordination and availability advantages to the modules in the platform.

  • Significant cost savings

    For datasets larger than 100GB, running Redis on Flash delivers high throughput with the same sub-millisecond latencies of Redis on RAM, while cutting the cost of your cloud resources by over 80%.

  • True high-availability with continuous replication

    Achieve continuous diskless in-memory replication and instant automatic failover across racks/zones/datacenters with the click of a button. Protect your Redis databases with automated,UI-enabled replication, persistence, backups and disaster recovery.

  • Encryption & authentication

    Meet your security goals without compromising performance, with Redis Enterprise’s fully encrypted SSL connections, and apply multi-level authentication mechanisms, including:

    • IP whitelist
    • Security groups (on AWS)
    • Client-based SSL authentication
    • Redis password
  • Hybrid deployment and geo-region replication

    Efficiently replicate Redis databases between Redis Enterprise in VPCs or in your own private datacenters or across cloud regions, with built-in compression, diskless replication and WAN optimization technologies. Create multi-region, multi-cloud or hybrid (on-premises and cloud) Redis Enterprise deployments that accelerate your applications and require zero time to DR.

  • Predictable high performance

    Take advantage of the best performance in the industry with Redis Enterprise technology that enhances Redis with numerous optimizations and processes datasets on the strongest cloud instances.

  • Fully-automated service

    Forget instances, clusters, scaling, data persistence / high availability settings and failure recovery. Redis Enterprise relieves you of all operational hassle by taking care of this for you!

  • Email Alerts

    Gain instant alert notifications for exceeding memory and connection limits, or crossing latency, high throughput or low throughput thresholds.

  • 24/7 Monitoring & Support

    Reap benefits from the tremendous operational expertise of the team that develops and maintains open source Redis and the professionals who manage hundreds of thousands of Redis databases daily. All your resources are constantly monitored as shown on our Status page. Enjoy our 24/7 support via online helpdesk or phone.