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50M ops/sec @ 1msec Latency with only 26 EC2 Nodes

Predictable high performance

Multiple dedicated databases 

No database connections limit

Fully automated service

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24/7 Monitoring & Support

No Database Connections Limit

Multiple Dedicated Databases in a Plan

Available in your choice of public clouds: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and IBM SoftLayer, as well as on Heroku, Pivotal Web Services, and other PaaS providers.

Fully Managed Serverless Infrastructure

Enhance your Redis experience with assured stable high performance and robust high availability features including persistence, cross zone/region/datacenter replication and instant automatic failover, with no data loss.

Stable High Performance

Grow your dataset to any size needed (beyond the largest cloud instances) without any downtime or limitation of Redis commands. Upgrade or downgrade by simply changing plan settings, without downtime and without needing to move your dataset between cloud instances.

Infinite Seamless Scalability

Redis Enterprise technology provides the only high availability solution for Redis deployments that provides failover in single digit seconds. It safeguards your Redis data against all possible failure scenarios with efficient diskless in-memory replication across racks, zones, data-centers and regions, reliable persistence across master and slave shards, instant failure detection and failover and a full suite of backup and recovery options.

Redis Enterprise has demonstrated resilience over many years, providing hundreds of thousands of databases with continuous operation while withstanding hundreds of cloud outages without data loss or interruption of service.

True High Availability

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