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Combine the advantages of world-class database technology and the innovation of a vibrant open source community with Redis Enterprise. Gain pioneering high availability in the form of Active-Active and Active-Passive geographically distributed architectures, superb linearly scaling high performance and top-notch built-in search capabilities. Extend Redis databases to Flash SSDs for infrastructure cost-savings, and utilize your hardware to the maximum extent with Redis Enterprise.

Grow your Redis databases efficiently with seamless scaling, automatic sharding and instant automatic failover. Redis Enterprise not only encompasses tunable levels of persistence and durability but it is also with reinforced with security controls, backups and auto-recovery.

Extend the already versatile Redis databases to an infinite range of scenarios with integrated and custom Redis modules, which inherit all the platform advantages of Redis Enterprise.

A Primary Database for the Instant Experience

Performance at scale
Performance at Scale

Redis Enterprise delivers exceptional linearly scaling high performance with its distinctive shared nothing cluster architecture, automatic re-sharding and rebalancing to utilize your infrastructure to the best possible extent. With enhanced connection management and request scheduling, high-performance pipeline execution and cluster support for every client, Redis Enterprise provides best-in-class performance with the most efficient use of your hardware resources.

Active-Active Geo Distribution

Redis Enterprise offers multiple modes of high availability and geographical distribution including active-active, active-passive and active-read replica. Active-Active geographic distribution is unique in its implementation of cutting-edge conflict-free replicated datatypes (CRDTs) that simplify development and deployment of distributed applications while automatically and intelligently handling simultaneous operations on complex data structures.

Active-Active Geo Distribution

Failsafe High Availability

Unlike other Redis services, Redis Enterprise offers automated zero-downtime scaling completely transparent to users and uninterrupted high availability, with diskless replication, instant failure detection, and failover across racks, zones, geographies.
Redis Enterprise also provides an enhanced data persistence layer that allows for tunable durability and consistency and a full suite of backup and disaster recovery options.

Built-in Persistence

Redis Enterprise, a fully durable database, provides multiple persistence options (AOF per write or per second and snapshots) with no impact to performance. Redis Enterprise is an ideal choice for cloud deployments where persisting to network attached storage guards against the ephemerality of instance storage and for on-prem deployments, where its storage engine enhancements maximize performance.

Built In Persistence


Modules extend the functions and capabilities of Redis in infinite directions. Redis Enterprise adds its characteristic seamless scaling and effortless cluster coordination that helps operationalize module functionality for enterprise-grade environments. Redis Enterprise modules such as RediSearch, RedisGraph, ReJSON and ReBloom outperform disk-based solutions handily and are validated for Redis Enterprise cluster deployments at any scale.

Built-in Search

Built-in rapid-fire search capability supports simultaneous indexing and search over fast-moving text, numeric and geospatial data. Ideal for secondary indexing of data from any database, RedisSearch outperforms leading search engines by a factor of 5-10x


Performance at scale
Intelligent Tiered Access to Memory (RAM & Flash)

Redis on Flash offers the cost-effectiveness of Flash, with the blazing fast low latencies of Redis in RAM, by using an innovative tiered approach that places hot frequently accessed data in memory and colder values in Flash. With large datasets, this approach can save you over 80% on infrastructure costs alone.

When to use Redis on Flash technology

Even when running Redis in RAM, additional savings incur with Redis Enterprise because it allows you to run multiple Redis instances on the same server, utilizing all the cores more efficiently than single-threaded Redis can.

ACID Compliant

Redis Enterprise offers full ACID compliance, with its support for MULTI, EXEC, DISCARD and WATCH commands, which allow for serial, sequential execution of transaction components as a single operation. With built-in persistence options, Redis Enterprise allows for tunable durability at minimal expense to performance.

Acid Compliance


Redis Enterprise offers multiple database authentication and authorization mechanisms, encryption of data in transit and data at rest, while providing tracking and logging of admin actions for forensics. Separation of data and administrative paths simplifies compliance and ensures production data is isolated from administrative access.

Automation and Support

Redis Enterprise provides fully automation of day to day operations for your Redis databases, with deep visibility into important Redis metrics, triggers for auto-balancing of Redis clusters and resharding seamlessly without impacting any applications.

The same team that develops Redis and Redis Enterprise offers round the clock support for all your Redis issues.


Flexible Deployment Options
Flexible Deployment Options (Cloud, On-Prem, Hybrid)

“Redis Enterprise provides fully automation of day to day operations for your Redis databases, with deep visibility into important Redis metrics, triggers for auto-balancing of Redis clusters and resharding seamlessly without impacting any applications.

The same team that develops Redis and Redis Enterprise offers round the clock support for all your Redis issues.”

Graph-Powered Insights on Connected Data

Leveraging native Graph processing with a design focus on supreme performance and efficient storage, RedisGraph delivers the fastest and most efficient way to store, manage and query graphs. Ideal for fraud detection, social networks, real-time recommendations, customer 360 and other similar use cases, RedisGraph can process connected data 10 – 600 times faster and with a 60% reduction in storage usage. Learn More

Redis Graph

Deployment Options

Cloud (Hosted)

Cloud (Hosted)

The fastest way to deploy a Redis database. Fully managed, serverless and hosted Redis Enterprise database-as-a-service on major public clouds.

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VPC (Managed)

VPC (Managed)

Fully managed Redis Enterprise database-as-a-service in your virtual private clouds within major public clouds.

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Redis Enterprise software for any cloud or private data center. Downloadable, in containers, on PCF or as an AWS AMI.

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When to use Redis on Flash technology

Redis on Flash is suitable for use cases in which the dataset size is above 100GB, the values are larger than the keys and “hot” objects (key/value pairs) account for 10-40% of all objects.

Redis on Flash offers tremendous savings over RAM for large datasets. The range of savings you can expect will vary depending on data size and throughput.

The table below describes the maximum throughput at which you can cut costs by 50% for typical dataset size scenarios. Figures are calculated for AWS, but are indicative for most other clouds/ data centers. You can also calculate cost savings specific to your scenario using the calculator below.


Memory size (GB) including replication Max throughput (ops/sec) for 50% cost savings
100 5,000
200 10,000
400 40,000
600 50,000
800 85,000
1000 90,000
5000 400,000
10,000 750,000

Estimate total monthly savings with Redis on Flash for your scenario
Memory Size (GB) including Replication Max Throughput (ops/sec)