Redis Enterprise Software

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Download and use Redis Enterprise Software in your internal environment, for evaluation and development purposes. This subscription is not intended for testing, QA or production environments, as explained in more detail in our Software Terms.

Commercial subscriptions

We offer commercial subscriptions to use Redis Enterprise Software in production, QA or testing environments that come with Support and Customer Success packages.

Our annual subscriptions are priced according to the number of database shards required to support your dataset. A “Database Shard” or “Database Instance” means any Redis process provisioned by you with Redis Enterprise, including a master database process, a slave database process, or a process supporting a part of a database or clustered database.

Our price per database shard is based on the product selected (Redis on RAM or Redis on Flash), the support level required and the total number of shards ordered.

Our solution architects will be happy to assist with analyzing your Redis requirements and recommending the optimal deployment architecture for you.