Redis Enterprise software can be deployed on any virtual machine/bare-metal configuration that supports Linux/RHEL/CentOS/Amazon Linux operating systems (see supported versions here) with at least 4GB DRAM. For using or testing Redis Enterprise’s advanced capabilities like true linear scaling (up to 200M ops/sec), instant single-digit failover time, multi-terabyte deployment with Redis on Flash using SSD or Persistent Memory and CRDTs-based Active-Active geo-distribution technology, use our production requirements recommendations.


Redis Enterprise software combined with our purpose-built Redis Enterprise Operator is designed to provide enterprise-grade capabilities such as true linear scaling, high availability with a single-digit seconds failover time, Active-Active deployment across Kubernetes clusters (geo or local) and data persistence using Kubernetes StatefulSet across multiple Kubernetes platforms, including RedHat OpenShift, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Pivotal Container Service (PKS). Learn more about the principles we use to deploy Redis Enterprise on Kubernetes.


For small deployments that don’t require orchestration, Redis Enterprise can be easily deployed and managed over Docker or Linux Containers (LXC). Furthermore, using containers, customers using Microsoft Windows can enjoy the enterprise-class capabilities of Redis Enterprise without changing their underlying operating system.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF)

Redis Enterprise provides a tightly integrated solution with PCF. Application developers can natively use Cloud Foundry’s Service Broker for launching and managing the life cycle of their databases/cache systems, and operators can enjoy a variety of automation tools for managing their Redis deployment with enhanced monitoring capabilities, failure recovery, seamless migration between plans and software upgrades with zero-to-minimal downtime. Visit the Pivotal Marketplace to learn more about the benefits of using Redis Enterprise in your PCF environment.

Cloud marketplaces

Redis Enterprise software is available on Amazon’s AWS Marketplace and the Microsoft Azure marketplace with the ease of single-click deployment. imply choose the instance type for the nodes of your cluster and see how easy it is to handle millions of ops/sec while ensuring sub-millisecond latency; you can even test our failover mechanism by shutting down one of the nodes of your cluster: You’ll find that Redis Enterprise continues to work with zero effect on your traffic.