Redis Enterprise Cloud

Redis Enterprise Cloud Offers a flexible pricing scheme, suitable to any dataset size, throughput or number of databases. Select your cloud, region and subscription size below.

Upgrading your subscription is seamless and simple. your data endpoints will be retained and the service to your application will not be disrupted.

Enjoy your 30MB free tier. Upgrade seamlessly!




A plan is limited to any of the parameters indicated on it, whichever come first.

GB - Plan memory limit. Applies to aggregate memory of all plan databases and replicas.

Ops/sec - Plans throughput limit. Applies to the aggregate throughput of all databases.

Databases - Max number of plan databases, including replicas.


Low Throughput

High Availability
$400 Off on First Pro Plan!

High Throughput / Many Databases / Redis Modules

$400 Off on First Pro Plan!

Large Datasets / Many Databases / Redis Modules

$400 Off on First Pro Plan!

Very Large Datasets

Redis on Flash

Customize your Subscription

Optimize for: (a) large number of databases (b) very large datasets (c) extremely high throughput


Any database size or throughput / Redis Modules
$400 Off on First Pro Plan!

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Any dataset size or throughput / Annual subscriptions / Hosted or in your own VPC / Active-Active geo distribution / Redis Modules / Premium Support / Customer success packages

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