Redis Enterprise Cloud

The fastest way to deploy Redis Enterprise. A fully managed cloud service, hosted or in your VPC.


For development environments and low-throughput applications

  • Hosted service
  • On-demand
  • Core enterprise features
  • Basic support
  • 99.99% uptime SLA
30MB free tier
Plans start at $5/mo

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For high-throughput applications, many databases or large datasets

  • Hosted service
  • Dedicated environment
  • On-demand
  • Full enterprise features
  • Redis on Flash
  • Redis modules
  • Standard support
  • 99.99% uptime SLA
Starts at $1.11/hr
First $400 free


Custom plans optimized for any environment or use case

  • Hosted service or in your VPC
  • Dedicated environment
  • Annual subscriptions
  • Full enterprise features
  • Redis on Flash
  • Redis modules
  • Active-Active geo distribution
  • Premium support
  • Customer-success packages
  • 99.999% uptime SLA

Enjoy our 30MB free tier. Upgrade seamlessly!

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Google Cloud
Pay with your Google Cloud account and utilize existing commitment.

Ultimate customer care

Our Cloud Ultimate tier comes with our Ultimate package that includes the following enterprise benefits:

  • A selection of customer success packages to meet your enterprise needs:


Includes project planning and documentation, a technical account manager (TAM), technical and DevOps support and 24/7 monitoring for Cloud deployments, support procedures guidance and "best practices" emails.


Includes all Silver benefits, plus technical training, deployment planning and optimization, deployment sizing, infrastructure cost optimization ,and new feature updates.


Includes all Gold benefits, plus a dedicated enterprise TAM, a single point of contact in support, 15 hrs/week consultation, weekly and quarterly calls and reports, cluster health, performance and load checks, and more.

  • Premium support package with 1-hour response time
  • Onboarding and data-migration services
  • Active-Active global distribution (CRDTs-based)
  • Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud/on-premises deployment

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