Redis<sup>e</sup> Pack Managed

Redise Pack Managed

​Fully managed Redise service in your private data center.

Why Redise Pack Managed

Redise Pack Managed delivers the smooth operational experience of a fully managed, highly available Redis service, inside your private datacenter environment.

Take advantage of the tremendous expertise of the team that develops Redis to relieve your operational team, while simultaneously delivering always-on reliability and seamless scaling of your high performance, mission critical Redis.

The Redis Labs team has managed tens of thousands of Redis databases for years. We have recovered from hundreds of node failures in the cloud and many complete datacenter outages, all without losing any customer data and with minimal interruption to applications. As the largest contributor to open source Redis, we also have the foremost experts to assist you with any issues.

Free up your DevOps/DBAs/developers to focus on core competencies while Redise Pack Managed offloads all the heavy lifting related to Redis provisioning, clustering, scaling, upgrading, high availability and failure recovery.

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