Redis Labs Recognized in the latest Independent In-Memory Database Platforms Report

Redis Enterprise achieved highest possible score in performance, use cases, analytics support and install base criteria

Mountain View, February 28, 2017—Redis Labs, the home of Redis and provider of Redis Enterprise (Redise), today announced it was named a strong performer in the “The Forrester Wave™: In-Memory Databases, Q1 2017,” report by Forrester Research. Redis Labs received the highest evaluation scores possible in seven criteria including analytics support, performance, languages supported, use cases, open source and licensing, install base and market awareness.

The report notes that “in-memory has become critical for all enterprises,” and Redis Labs “has a viable in-memory database with support for broad use cases.” According to the report, “customers use Redis to support real-time analytics, translytical, data ingestion, social media, customer intelligence, operational reporting and 360-degree-view-of-the-customer initiatives.”

Redis Labs’ believes that its recognition as a strong performer in this report demonstrates the continued support from the Redis community as well as the increased adoption of the in-memory database platform. Today, enterprises across many verticals turn to in-memory databases to support real-time apps that need quick access to business critical data and robust customer analytics to drive superior customer experiences. Additionally, enterprises are turning to companies like Redis Labs to support next-generation applications, such as internet-of-things (IoT) applications and machine learning. There is a marked shift away from legacy technical architectures and business practices. Enterprises are increasingly leaning on new-age agile solutions that require the least amount of professional services while delivering robust scale with the highest levels of availability.

“Redis Labs’ superior ability to support a versatile set of use cases at the highest performance with the least resources underscores the power of its in-memory solutions,” said Manish Gupta, CMO of Redis Labs. “In my view, the Forrester assessment further acknowledges the pioneering innovations of Redis Enterprise solutions advancing momentum and increasing popularity of Redis across organizations of all sizes.”

Redis Labs’ technology enhances open source Redis with seamless scaling, high availability and smooth automation. As companies increase the size of their datasets in Redis and expand their Redis use cases, Redis Labs helps them achieve up to 70 percent lower operational costs, while delivering faster predictive modeling, real-time data access, and big data processing.

“The Forrester Wave™: In-Memory Databases, Q1 2017,” is here.

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Data is the lifeline of every business, and Redis Labs helps organizations reimagine how quickly they can process, analyze, make predictions with, and take action on the data they generate. As the home of Redis, the most popular open source database, we provide a competitive edge to global businesses with Redis Enterprise, which delivers superior performance, unmatched reliability, and the best total cost of ownership. Redis Enterprise allows teams to build performance, scalability, security, and growth into their applications. Designed for the cloud-native world, Redis Enterprise uniquely unifies data across hybrid, multi-cloud, and global applications, to maximize your business potential.

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