Redis Enterprise and
Intel® Optane DC Persistent Memory

Drive innovation and create next-generation modern applications today with the
fastest multi-model database on persistent memory made possible by Intel and Redis Labs

Intel® Optane DC Persistent Memory


With today’s memory technologies, you can get incredible performance, but the price per MB of DRAM is expensive and data is ephemeral. You want memory that’s fast, inexpensive and non-volatile.

Intel® Optane DC Persistent Memory, with its high-density design, delivers a unique combination of affordable large capacity and persistence (non-volatility). It transforms critical data workloads, allowing applications to run without incurring the latency penalty of going out to storage.

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Reimagining The Data Center Memory and Storage Hierarchy

Unlocking Data Opportunity with Revolutionary New Memory Technology and Multi-Model Redis Enterprise for Hybrid Transactional/Analytical Processing


Intel® Optane DC persistent memory enables cost-effective, large-capacity in-memory Redis Enterprise to perform at nearly the same record-breaking sub-millisecond performance as compared to a system configured with just DRAM.

Gain RAM-like latency and performance but at dramatically lower costs than an all-RAM database with intelligent data tiering using Redis on Flash on Intel’s latest technology.

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Breakthrough performance, infinite capacity, disruptive memory and database technology for your most demanding workloads

Unlock the unique combination of affordable memory and an unprecedented combination of high capacity, data persistence, and superior performance for your mission-critical, data-intensive applications

Blazing fast processing time

Maintain sub-millisecond performance on non-volatile data

Support data-intensive, latency-sensitive applications at the speed of DRAM and with the durability of persistent memory

Lower Cost of Ownership

Lower total cost of ownership

Gain affordable large-capacity byte-addressable persistent memory at 43% lower cost. Save up to 80% in infrastructure costs with Redis on Flash

Real-time Analytics

Uncompromised petabyte-scale implementations

Unleash real-time analytics on your memory bound workloads without the latency impact of storage by making large data sets closer to compute

Bringing the latest persistent memory technology to Redis Enterprise
How Intel’s new persistent memory technology and Redis are changing the game in the database industry

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Redis Enterprise—A database uniquely tailored to Intel’s Persistent Memory
Breaking the cost and capacity barrier—large data sets, high throughput, 43% memory savings, sub-millisecond performance


Redis Enterprise and Intel® OptaneTM DC Persistent Memory
More data per server and better performance than ever before

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Redis on Flash with Intel NVMe benchmark
Learn how Redis on Flash technology delivers record-breaking performance on large throughput with Intel’s NVMe SSDs

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