e-Book - Redis in Action

This book covers the use of Redis, an in-memory database/data structure server.
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    Chapter 10: Scaling Redis

    This chapter covers

    • Scaling reads
    • Scaling writes and memory capacity
    • Scaling complex queries

    As your use of Redis grows, there may come a time when you’re no longer able to
    fit all of your data into a single Redis server, or when you need to perform more
    reads and/or writes than Redis can sustain. When this happens, you have a few
    options to help you scale Redis to your needs.

    In this chapter, we’ll cover techniques to help you to scale your read queries,
    write queries, total memory available, and techniques for scaling a selection of
    more complicated queries.

    Our first task is addressing those problems where we can store all of the data we
    need, and we can handle writes without issue, but where we need to perform more
    read queries in a second than a single Redis server can handle.