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Total Cost Comparison : Redis Enterprise vs AWS DynamoDB

Redis Enterprise is available in every cloud, inside VPCs, and as downloadable software — as close to your application as you need it.  This whitepaper reviews a number of typical cloud workload scenarios, and calculates the cost savings delivered by Redis Enterprise over AWS DynamoDB, particularly when using Redis on Flash technology.

Scenarios used to evaluate cost differences are typical of many successful applications in the entertainment, e-commerce, advertising, travel, social and transportation categories. including :
• Scenario 1: 200 GB dataset size, requiring 5k ops/sec throughput
• Scenario 2: 1000 GB dataset, 30k ops/sec
• Scenario 3: 3000 GB dataset, 100k ops/sec

Each has with a 1:1 mix of reads and writes, an object size of 1KB and include replication and Multi-AZ.

The results : 49%-66% costs savings with Redis Enterprise,  in addition to development simplicity and much lower latencies!