White Papers

Five Use Cases that Showcase Active-Active Redis Enterprise

For geographically distributed applications, active-active database architecture is fast becoming a must-have. Under this superior replication technique offered by Redis Enterprise 5.0, all database instances are available for read and write operations, providing unprecedented availability, performance, and resource utilization. Additionally, built-in conflict resolution through its CRDT-based architecture significantly simplifies application development when trying to achieve local latencies and high performance across distributed datasets.

As the only NoSQL database on the market to leverage CRDT-based active-active architecture, Redis Enterprise offers groundbreaking impacts for use cases in ecommerce, IoT, metering, personalization, fraud detection, and more—where high availability, resilience for failure scenarios, and tracking of geo-distributed, simultaneous events are paramount.

In this white paper, we’ll overview CRDT-based active-active architecture, its unique benefits, and the use cases in which it offers decided advantages to your geo-distributed application. Additionally, we’ll compare Redis Enterprise’s active-active implementation to traditional replication techniques such as active-passive, as well as to other types of active-active NoSQL implementations available on the market today.