Case study


Simility is a cloud-based fraud prevention software solution that processes billions of transactions each day. Due to the massive customer workloads, the company’s IT team was finding it difficult to meet end user latency requirements. Simility selected Redis Enterprise to enable faster caching and reduce latencies. They are now using Redis Enterprise for many other use cases, including high speed transactions, job and queue management, and real-time data ingest.

The Choice Was Clear

Simility had been using DataStax for its main datastores, however, given the extremely high volume of transactions, the IT team was finding it difficult to meet end-user latency requirements. Before Redis Enterprise, handling millions of connections was a challenge.

“While writing to the Cassandra database is fast, reads do not always show the latest data because Cassandra replicas are eventually consistent and slow,” explained Ravi Sandepudi, Head of Engineering at Simility.

Simility made the decision to use Redis Enterprise initially for caching and found immediate relief for its throughput and latency challenges. Since Redis Enterprise scales easily with very little overhead, Simility’s IT team was then able to extend the solution effortlessly to other use cases, including high speed transactions, job and queue management, and real-time data ingest.


Simility was looking for a higher performing database that would enable them to lower application latencies, using fewer internal IT resources.

Redis Enterprise Benefits

  • Zero operational hassle, no maintenance worries, and a 30% reduction in IT costs
  • True high availability—no outages, no latency issues, and 20% reduction in system downtime
  • Faster and more up to date with latest Redis Enterprise functionality with 90% improvement in app performance


“Using Redis Enterprise in our fraud detection service was an excellent decision for our organization. It is enabling us to easily manage billions of transactions per day, keep pace with our exponential growth rate, and speed fraud detection for all of our clients.”

Ravi Sandepudi
Head of Engineering

Handle Huge Workloads
Without Breaking a Sweat

By using Redis Enterprise, Simility was able to cut IT costs by up to 30%, achieve up to 30% faster delivery of application functionality, reduce system downtime by upto 20%, and improve application performance by nearly 90%—all while reducing the need for specialized internal IT resources substantially.

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