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Our customers and their stories

Whitepages Saves Over 70% in Infrastructure Costs at Sub 100ms App Latency

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Whitepages is a global leader in digital identity verification services for businesses and consumers.

Sankalp Jonna—Greedygame

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Sankalp Jonna from Greedygame talks about Redis and RedisConf18.

Kurt Mackey—

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Kurt Mackey talks about how they use Redis for a replication, caching, in-memory lookups, and much more.

Jiaqi Wang—Redfin

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Jiaqi Wang from Redfin breaks down how Redfin incorporates Redis with their AWS deployment and the benefits, savings,…

Vijay Vangapandu—eHarmony

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Vijay Vangapandu from eHarmony talks about Redis and RedisConf18.

Dekel Shavit—BioCatch

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Dekel Shavit from Biocatch talks about Redis and RedisConf18.

Redis Labs Customers Shine a Light on the Redis Platform

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Jiaqi Wang from Redfin, Sankalp Jonna from Greedygame, Alex Eichengeiler from Biocatch, Vijay Vangapandu from eHarmony, and Dekel…

AWS re:Invent 2016: Fireside Chat with Groupon, Intuit, and LifeLock on Solving Challenges

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Redis Labs' CMO hosted a fireside chat with leaders from Groupon (e-commerce ), Intuit (Finance ), and LifeLock…