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Fully Managed Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS

Deliver sub-millisecond performance at virtually infinite scale on AWS

The Best Way to Deploy, Manage, and Grow Redis in the Cloud

Redis Enterprise Cloud is a future-proof cloud-native Database-as-a-Service built by the Redis team. Designed for modern distributed applications, Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS is trusted by thousands of customers for high performance, infinite scalability, true high availability, and best-in-class expertise.

Visit the AWS Marketplace page to start today or contact us to learn more about how Redis Enterprise Cloud can deliver enormous value on your cloud journey.

Redis Labs for AWS Outposts

Run AWS infrastructure and services on-premises for a truly consistent hybrid experience.

AWS Outposts is a fully managed service that extends AWS infrastructure, AWS services, APIs, and tools to virtually any data center, co-location space, or on-premises facility for a truly consistent hybrid experience. Redis Labs is an early technology partner who has demonstrated successful integration with AWS Outposts deployments. With Redis on Outposts, you will have the benefit of a fully-managed infrastructure with native AWS APIs.

What customers are saying about
Redis Enterprise on AWS

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With native database-as-a-service that runs in our AWS cloud, Redis Enterprise Cloud offers the best of all worlds. We have access to the highest in-memory performance available on the market today, flexible data structures for extreme efficiency across a wide variety of use cases, and fully managed operations that speed up, rather than slow down, application delivery.

—Naren Janakiraman

Director of Engineering, Freshworks

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We initially chose Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS because we wanted a managed service that could process real-time analytics and high speed transactions on a large, and fast-growing dataset. Redis Enterprise Cloud delivered immediate benefits reducing our downtime and need for specialized services, while delivering higher, more reliable performance with their Active-Active deployment. Our success with Redis Labs has led us to expand our usage, such as driving better and faster personalization with RedisBloom.

—Mayur Bhatia

Director of Engineering, DevOps at Vungle

We’ve moved business-critical functions to Redis Enterprise Cloud because it lets us deliver software more quickly and focus on our product. As our SaaS product grows, we depend on Redis Enterprise Cloud to help us rapidly scale to meet the needs of our customers. With the performance, availability, and reliability we get from Redis Enterprise Cloud, our team can be confident the platform will satisfy our business today, and will scale to meet our demands in the future.

—Mattius McLaughlin

Site Reliability Engineering Manager, Zapier

Redis Enterprise Cloud Ultimate’s performance and failover were second to none. After evaluating, we realized we could use Redis Enterprise Cloud Ultimate beyond caching and as our primary database.

—Arjun Yadav

Chief Technical Officer, MyTeam11

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Superior performance at lower cost

Maximize performance at the lowest possible cost with tiered storage. Redis Enterprise includes Redis on Flash, which offers the unique ability to run very large databases at significant cost savings. Tiered memory lets your Redis databases span DRAM, Flash with fast NVMe, and persistent memory (such as Intel® OptaneTM DC).

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Built for speed and instant experiences

In-memory database that enables sub-millisecond performance. Redis Enterprise has set a new industry performance record⁠—over 50 million ops/second under 1 millisecond, in as little as 26 EC2 nodes.

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Fully managed

Easily deploy new Redis clusters in minutes and modify existing deployments with zero downtime. Allowing you to focus on upstream application development by automating the operational tasks.

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Durability and disaster recovery

Protect against data loss even in cases of multiple node or availability zone failures, and allow fast recovery in case of complete outages. Data can be persisted to disk every write, every second, or with point-in-time snapshots to S3—without affecting performance.

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Secure by design

Redis Enterprise 6.0 helps developers and operations teams secure their Redis deployments and build stream-based architectures spanning the globe.

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Redis Enterprise Cloud is available in an AWS region near you


US: Ohio, Oregon, Northern California, N. Virginia

Canada: Canada (Central)

South America: São Paulo


Europe: Ireland, London, Paris, Stockholm, Frankfurt


Asia Pacific: Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul

Australia: Sydney

India: Mumbai

Manage Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS

Run your Redis Enterprise Cloud workload on AWS with all your other products and services.

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