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Scopely Gets the High Scores with Redis Labs


It is with great pleasure that I share Redis Labs’ successes regarding customer care and performance. This case study, in particular, epitomizes the need for clear communication and instant response times, especially in the world of mobile gaming. Scopely, a very special customer of ours, is a successful gaming company whose journey to the top exposes the real challenges encountered by gaming companies across the globe, as well as how Redis Labs aided in turning those challenges into distant memories.

Scopely is a rapidly growing mobile gaming company that is trailblazing a new publisher model. In just three years, Scopely has more than quadrupled in size and launched an unprecedented six consecutive Top-5 games in the Apple and Google App Stores. Their platform has been designed to build internal games, and handle in-app purchases, communication flows, monetization, in-app currency, virtual economy, content handling, friend networks, and the infrastructure tools necessary to support a game.

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It is no coincidence that Scopely turned to Redis Labs for all of their Redis needs. Redis Labs’ numerous developments and high level of experience enable them to administer the best possible Redis performance. With their best practices prioritizing responsiveness and support, regardless of the circumstances, Scopely quickly learned that they were in safe hands with Redis Labs. That being said, I welcome you to read the full story, and take a deeper look at what Scopely has accomplished with Redis Labs.

Itamar Haber

A self-proclaimed “Redis Geek,” Itamar is the Technology Evangelist at Redis Labs. He is also the former Chief OSS Redis Education Officer, Chief Developer Advocate, and VP Customer Support, evangelizing Redis to thousands of developers.

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