Introducing the New Redis Stars Developer Community

Our brand-new Redis Stars Developer Community includes an informative website, podcast, email newsletter, and much more. Here’s what’s in it for you!

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The Redis community is one of the most engaging, curious, and inspiring groups of developers and IT folks in the world. We love hearing how you’ve used Redis to solve problems and how it’s changed the way you build and scale your applications. We also recognize there are many ways you like to share your thoughts and experiences, such as through Twitter, YouTube, Stack Overflow, blogs, Github, and in-person meetups (once the Coronavirus is under control). 

To help you share in the ways that work best for you, we’ve created a community page to help you share your stories. It can all be found in our brand-new Redis Stars Developer Community site, launching today. Along with the new website, we’re especially excited to announce the Redis Stars podcast and Redis Stars newsletter.

(Before we dive into what’s new in the Redis Stars community, a quick note on the “Redis Stars” name: We’ve rebranded our community program as Redis Stars. Our existing program where developers could share info, complete fun riddles and challenges for prizes, and forge relationships with like-minded Redis Geeks is now called the Redis Stars Challenges.)

Podcasts, forums, projects, and events

The Redis Stars podcast features interviews with fellow Redis Geeks, experts, and community members in conversation with me (I’m Head of Community and Ecosystems Programs at Redis Labs). Listen wherever you already listen to podcasts (like Spotify or Apple), and be sure to catch the first episode with Loris Cro, where he talks about Rust vs. Go, live coding, and developing a Redis CLI with Python.

Interested in Redis modules? Developers use Redis in mind-boggling ways—from a session store or cache to a search engine or custom workflow using a variety of data models—and the size and activity of the Redis community means that more than likely someone else has already encountered and solved the issue you face. We’ve linked all our Redis module forums: RediSearch, RedisTimeSeries, RedisBloom, RedisJSON, RedisGraph, RedisAI and RedisGears (Beta) in one place so you can easily share your Redis experiences and learn from other fellow Redis Geeks.

Redis Stars Community events

Our new community events page is your one-stop destination for all Redis events. Besides learning about Redis Labs-hosted events, like upcoming RedisConf 2020 Takeaway—the largest annual gathering of the Redis community—future Redis Days, and upcoming conferences we’ll be attending, the Redis Stars Community events page is also the place to see all the Redis user groups. With more than 40 groups in some 20 countries, there’s a good chance you’ll find a meetup near you.

And now you can also get a dose of community news every month—and stay in the loop on all the latest—with the Redis Stars Community newsletter. We’ll be sharing articles, podcasts, online events, webinars, cool projects, top Redis Module forum posts, and more. Be sure to sign up now so you don’t miss the next edition!

As you explore the new Redis Stars Community programs, feel free to let us know your thoughts and feedback—you can reach us at