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A Success Story Worth Sharing: and Redis Labs

I would like to take this opportunity to share a story that wholeheartedly exemplifies the nature of Redis Labs’ dedication to our customers. After a reminiscent conversation with one of our longtime clients, Max Rabin, the Head of Server Development at Glide, we put together a case study that suitably represents the success of our work together.

>>> download the case study here <<<

Glide is the world’s first mobile video instant messenger. Utilizing a massive real-time network, their users are able to send text and video messages via live stream, whilst granting recipients the flexibility to read or watch messages in real-time or at a later convenience. Redis Labs’ platform enabled Glide with multiple layers of support to ensure that the service not only remains up and running, but also provides the utmost in customer satisfaction. That being said, I welcome you to read the full story, to get a behind the scenes look at what Redis Labs accomplished for Glide.

Itamar Haber

A self-proclaimed “Redis Geek,” Itamar is the Technology Evangelist at Redis Labs. He is also the former Chief OSS Redis Education Officer, Chief Developer Advocate, and VP Customer Support, evangelizing Redis to thousands of developers.

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