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Ringing in the New Year with a New Office in London

On New Year’s Eve, I was lucky enough to ring in 2017 from the top of Tower 42, one of the best spots in London to watch the city’s famed fireworks show. Even more exciting was the fact that, at the end of the traditional midnight countdown, this landmark London skyscraper officially became home to Redis Labs’ newest global office! The opening of our brand new European headquarters in the heart of London caps off …

RLEC 4.4 Release

We are very excited to announce the release of Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster (RLEC) v4.4, which delivers several new features, improvements and bug fixes. RLEC 4.4 includes numerous functionality and performance enhancements that customers have been eagerly awaiting! RLEC v4.4 features the following major enhancements: Richer Development Advanced, tunable consistency and durability New Redis commands for BIT and GEO operations Higher Performance and Scale Multiple active proxies Redis on Flash v2 (Preview) Improved Administration Role-based …

Redis Labs’ Customers Award Accolades!

Over October and November Redis Labs conducted two surveys on Redis usage. One of the surveys was of Redis Labs customers, conducted by TechValidate, who provides third party validation of the results. We are more than honored and encouraged by the sentiments expressed by the respondents! The Results – How Redis Labs’ customers are using Redis The TechValidate survey was emailed to 1600 out of 6700+ Redis Labs’ customers and had 191 respondents. Not all …

The Results Are in – Redis Usage Survey 2016!

Over Oct and Nov, Redis Labs conducted two surveys on Redis usage. One survey was of Redis Labs customers, conducted by TechValidate, who provides third party validation of the results. A second survey was done through Surveymonkey, and was mostly promoted to open source Redis users. The two surveys yielded many similarities and differences, highlighted in the details. But to keep the line clear between validated input from Redis Labs’ customers and general input from …

First-Ever Redis Modules Hackathon

Every day is a special day, but last Friday was a really special day because of the release of the first release candidate for Redis v4. The new version packs a lot of new stuff, although it’s most exciting addition by far is the new modules API – it allows just about anyone to go right ahead and make something more useful with Redis. It literally means endless possibilities and is the reason why the …

Machine Learning on Steroids with the New Redis-ML Module

Redis’ in-memory architecture is well known. When you need “fast at high throughput,” Redis is the obvious choice. Redis is also well known as a “structure store.” While other databases model data in tables/columns, documents or key/value pairs, Redis accommodates all of these structures at once. You can combine tables, documents, key/value pairs and other data types into a single database and assign each entity the data type that best suits it. If you “lift …

Strength in Numbers: Delivering a High Value Ecosystem to our Customers

Consumers today expect – actually demand – information and services in near real time, at their fingertips. We have become a smartphone society. Get a ride, find a last minute hotel, book a table for dinner, get directions, have lunch delivered all in minutes, without doing anything more than tapping the screen on your phone. The shift in consumer behavior that has come with the availability and popularity of these new services is the new …

Adding a Search Engine to Redis: Adventures in Module-Land

TL;DR: We’ve utilized the powerful Redis Modules API to build a super-fast and feature-rich search engine inside Redis, from scratch — with its own custom data types and algorithms. Earlier this year, Salvatore Sanfilippo, the author of Redis, started developing a way for developers to extend Redis with new capabilities: the Redis Modules API. This API allows users to write code that adds new commands and data types to Redis, in native C. At Redis …

Redis Recommends…

You just finished watching Narcos, season 2 and are about to slip into the post-binge-watching doldrums, when up pops a recommendation from Netflix. “Because you liked Narcos, you should watch..El Patron De Mal.” Its not just Netflix. The New York Times does it, Amazon does it, Google does it, even your teenager’s school’s application has recommendations. Applications are getting smarter every day and it is no secret that they rely on extremely smart developers and …

All Substance and Plenty of Deserved Hype Too

In the past 12 months, Redis Labs has celebrated some impressive market leadership milestones—and we have every reason to believe the party’s just getting started. In July, we announced a 350% year over year revenue growth for our Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster (RLEC) and an expansion to more than 55,000 accounts for our Redis Cloud offering—enough to make us the fastest growing NoSQL provider in the marketplace. On August 25th, we announced that Redis Labs’ …

Count Min Sketch: The Art and Science of Estimating Stuff

This post is about what are, in my opinion, two of the most exciting things in the world: probabilistic data structures and Redis modules. If you’ve heard about one or the other then you can surely relate to my enthusiasm, but in case you want to catch up on the coolest stuff on earth just continue reading. I’ll start with this statement: large-scale low-latency data processing is challenging. The volumes and velocities of data involved …

Springing Into Action: Pivotal and Redis Labs at SpringOne Platform 2016

My delayed Southwest flight from San Jose to Las Vegas gave me some extra time to finalize my game plan for attending SpringOne Platform 2016. I was really excited for the trip, and the delay (followed by another delay) did little to dampen my excitement. Upon landing in Vegas, I was greeted by the instantly sweat-inducing 112 degree heat/humidity, as well as the usual long weaving taxi line comprised of every demographic imaginable. The good …

Writing Redis Modules

I’ve been using Redis for about six years now, and over the years I’ve exploited its few data types to do some pretty versatile things such as geographical queries, text search, machine learning and more. But over the years, I can’t even count the number of times I’ve found myself (as did many other users) wishing that Redis would have this or other data structure, command or capability it is lacking. Not having them forced …

Hyper Growth, INITIATED!

By one recent estimate, the NoSQL database market is on track to achieve a growth rate of 21% CAGR through 2020. The outlook is even rosier for the global Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) market, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 65% in the same time period. As the most innovative player in the NoSQL database market and the NoSQL pioneer to offer DBaaS, Redis Labs is perfectly poised to ride both of …

RLEC 4.3 – Faster, More Secure and Cost Effective

Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster (RLEC) powers production Redis deployments in multiple business scenarios, delivering blazing fast performance in a highly available and scalable manner. We are excited to announce that we just released RLEC version 4.3, which features several enhancements and improvements that will increase your database’s performance, high availability and security, while reducing your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). RLEC v4.3 delivers the following major enhancements: Support for Redis on Flash (Flash memory used …

Why Redis Labs’ Modules are AGPL

Redis Labs’ Modules are released under the GNU Affero General Public License​ (AGPL)​. This Free Software Foundation license is fairly new, and thus I wanted to ​explain why we chose this license. Our goal with using AGPL is to ​add the concept of copyleft ​for ​enhanced Redis functionality. The core Redis Open Source Project is based on the three clause BSD license, which allows unlimited redistribution for any purpose as long as its’ copyright notices …

Redis Cloud Integrates With Databricks Spark

Redis and Spark: "Nothing, however, had quite prepared us for the amazing demo that Databricks' Reynold Xin had shared during last month's RedisConf..."

Money! Money! Money! – How to Save it Good!

Avnet rolls out IBM’s RapidBuild Program with Redis Labs! Redis, as we know, is the world’s most popular in-memory NoSQL and rapidly becoming a default ingredient of most modern application stacks. Modern application architects use it to help their applications scale to humungous volumes of traffic at sub-millisecond latencies –with very little hardware. This blog is about saving even more money with IBM’s RapidBuild Program for POWER8 systems. Today, Avnet announced that it is the …

February 8th outage – post-mortem

On Monday February 8th 2016, at 17:45 UTC, we experienced a major outage in one of the Google Cloud Platform clusters that we employ in providing the Redis Cloud service. By 19:30 UTC we were able to bring the service back to over 95% of affected users, and had it completely recovered by 20:38 UTC. [.. ] Due to this outage, despite it being the first of kind for us, we've taken immediate steps to ensure that such incidents do not recur.

Connecting Spark and Redis: A Detailed Look

"I wanted to make sure that the results were stored so I could use them in later computations. Redis' Sorted Sets are a perfect match for the word-count pairs and would also allow me to query the data like I'm used to. It took only one line of Scala code to do that."

ZeroBrane Studio Plugin for Redis Lua Scripts

Just before Christmas, Salvatore Sanfilippo published the first release candidate for Redis v3.2. The upcoming v3.2 delivers new features (such as geo spatial indexes and cluster rebalancing) and many great improvements (including Matt Stancliff's Quick Lists and Oran Agra's SDS and Jemalloc optimizations). For this post, I'll focus on just one of these – the Redis Lua Debugger (LDB) – and also share a New Year's present from Redis Labs (spoiler). LDB is a mode …

3 Critical Points about Security

Over the recent weeks there's been an increase in the number of reports about NoSQL breaches in general, but also specifically in those relating to Redis. The latter is, in all likelihood, the aftermath of Salvatore Sanfilippo's blog post "A few things about Redis security." That particular post was only the spark that lit the fire – I'd argue that the seeds for the breaches were laid in the ground long ago. And they're still …

How Redis is Used in Practice

In a recent eye opening survey of 116 redis users, we at Redis Labs were pleasantly surprised by the enormous breadth and depth of Redis usage. 71% of respondents were planning to increase their usage of Redis as their data, applications and users scaled up. Some of our other favorite data points were: 1 Top applications using Redis spanned Analytics, Mobile, Social, Retail, Financial, Gaming – and in addition to these – there was an …

RLEC 4.2.1 Brings More Granular Controls to High Availability and Performance

Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster (RLEC) has been very successful since its initial release. It serves many customers' production Redis deployments, enabling them to use the fastest database in the world with minimal operational overhead. Recently we released our 4.2.1 version of RLEC, which includes some very useful enhancements and features that customers have been asking for such as: Cross region / cloud replication, Multi-IP and IPv6 support, Improved AOF, Cloud and local-network profiles support, rsyslog logging support, OpenStack Object Store ("Swift") storage location support, and many more...

The Force Awakens at Oracle Openworld!

What’s the connection between StarWars, Redis Labs and Oracle Openworld, you say? I can sum it up in one word “DROID™”. We invite Redis users to join us at booth #2240 for a chance to win the coolest toy of the season – A Sphero! We are giving away four of these along with our Redis Geek Tshirts. What’s the occasion, you might ask? So many things to celebrate here at Redis Labs - Our …

Redis Labs named leader in Gartner’s ODBMs MQ 2015

This is our very first year in Gartner's ODBMS Magic Quadrant. And we are in the leader's quadrant! This is a moment of unprecedented recognition for us and we are very proud.

Redis Keys in RAM

I am San. I am San. San I am. Do you like Redis keys in RAM?

Redis Labs at AWS re:Invent 2015

We'll be at the AWS re:Invent show in Las Vegas next week! Things will be sizzling and crackling at our booth (#254 & 253), right by the AWS Developer Lounge - stop by for some awesome tricks, and treats!

Redis Wins At the Polls!

Last week, users of NoSQL databases worldwide crowned Redis champion in G2 Crowd’s Grid. The Grid℠ represents the democratic voice of real software users, rather than the subjective opinion of one analyst. G2 Crowd rates NoSQL databases algorithmically based on data sourced from product reviews shared by G2 Crowd users and data aggregated from online sources and social networks.

Getting Started with RLEC – Viewing Graphs & Metrics

In the previous posts in the series I gave an overview of RLEC and explained how to install and set it up and create and configure a database. In this post I explain how to view the different dashboards, graphs, and metrics for the cluster, nodes, database, and database shards.



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Gartner Acknowledges Redis Labs as a Leader

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Gartner Acknowledges Redis Labs as a Leader

In the 2015 Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems (ODBMS)