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Power your data-driven apps with the best Redis experience on AWS

With native Database-as-a-Service that runs in our AWS cloud, Redis Enterprise Cloud offers the best of all worlds.
Naren Janakiraman, Director of Engineering, Freshworks
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    Talk to a Redis-on-AWS expert

    Connect with an expert to discuss your specific use cases and get your questions answered. Plus, score a fun swag pack by taking a meeting!

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    How Freshworks scaled using Redis Enterprise Cloud on AWS

    Learn why Freshworks made the decision to graduate from open source Redis to Redis Enterprise.

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    Creating a community-driven project

    Take a peek into the future of open source Redis with two leaders of the Redis governance core team.

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Get $10 for completing the 5-minute survey, and Redis Labs will also donate $10* to help provide computers in more than 50 countries.

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Add superpowers to Redis. Try Enterprise Redis modules

Enterprise Redis modules are native addons that supercharge core Redis. Unlike typical addons, these are large and comprehensive production-ready, battle-tested addons that provide full features. They allow you to use Redis as a full-document database, a full-text search engine, a fully featured graph database, and many other common use cases.

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Redis is on the rise

  • Award for most loved database from Stack Overflow
  • Award for best open source software from InfoWorld
  • Award for database and database management from SD Times
  • Reader's choice awards from Datanami
  • Reader's choice awards from Database