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Why Redis Labs?

Redis Labs is the home of Redis.

At Redis Labs, Salvatore Sanfilippo (the creator of Redis and the company’s lead for open source development) steers the evolution of OSS Redis together with a highly talented, dedicated team of Redis engineers.

In order to adapt Redis for enterprise use, Redis Labs developed an additional technology layer that encapsulates the open source software and provides an enhanced deployment architecture for Redis, while supporting the open source API.

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The benefits of this technology are:

  1. It supports any size dataset, with seamless scalability and elasticity. This eliminates any performance impact or downtime when resharding, migrating shards, rebalancing the cluster, or adding/removing nodes from the cluster.
  2. It provides a complete suite of high availability provisions, including in-memory replication in the same data center, across data centers, across regions or across clouds. This is complemented by an instant auto-failover mechanism, which assures that if a node fails, a replica always exists. Failover is instant and automatic, without downtime for users.
  3. Sharding the database is simple and can be done on the database level (by using RegEx commands) rather than the app level. This is extremely useful for processing a database with multiple cores in cases where the throughput requirements are high or the data set size is big.
  4. Each shard can be a separate database. Multiple databases, fully isolated from one another, can run in the same server or VM. Moreover, the technology enables multi-tenancy, wherein different clients can share the same server or VM.
  5. Redis can run on Flash as RAM extension, without compromising performance. This technology is available for x86 or Linux on Power architecture and can save over 70% of deployment cost.
  6. The technology is provided as software (downloadable, container or private PaaS) or a fully managed service (public cloud, private cloud or public PaaS).
  7. It provides a fully featured and easy-to-use management user interface (UI), API and CLI for setting up and configuring the cluster and each database. This allows you to monitor over 20 valuable metrics and configure alert notifications for important events at the shard level, database level, cluster level and multi-cluster level.

Gartner Acknowledges
Redis Labs as a Leader

in the 2015 Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems (ODBMS)

Gartner 2015