Redis Enterprise: Scalable Real-time performance at the service of your applications (Webinar in French)

When: May 17, 2018 | 11:00 AM CET-Paris
Duration: 60 minutes
Featured Speaker: Georges Carbonnel, Regional Sales Manager France & Southern Europe, Redis Labs
Francois Cerbelle, Solutions Architect, Redis Labs
Audience: Redis or/and NoSQL users

You Will Learn

  • How your applications can achieve stable high performance with Redis Enterprise
  • How you can ensure your applications achieve Zero Downtime and experience Zero data loss
  • How to ensure High Availability while maintaining a high predictable performance as well as operational cost savings.
  • How to ensure data persistence, backups and replication
  • How to reap the benefits from cluster management

This webinar in French language will show you how your applications can reap the benefits of real-time and scalability.

You’ll learn how the world’s most powerful database allows you to combine the benefits of stable high performance, zero-downtime, seamless scalability and high availability, as well as support and assistance for deploying the fastest database on the market today.

Redis is a multi-model database that natively supports more than a dozen data structures such as strings, lists, sorted lists, sets, bitmaps, hashes, bit fields, Hyperloglog, geospatial indexes,…. Its capabilities reach far beyond caching, including real-time analytics, high-speed transactions, message broker, job queue management, predictive analytics, machine learning.

The versatility of Redis allows you to use it for a variety of use cases such as e-commerce, social applications, real-time analytics, recommendation engines, high-speed transactional user sessions, time series, machine learning, machine learning, full text search, messaging, fast data ingestion, graph analysis, IoT, fraud detection and more.

Join Georges Carbonnel and Francois Cerbelle who will show you how to take advantage of the combined benefits of high performance, Zero downtime, seamless scaling and true high availability while achieving significant operational savings.

About the Speaker

Georges Carbonnel, Regional Sales Manager for France & Southern Europe, Redis Labs

Georges has over 20 years of experience in the software industry mostly in the fields of databases and analytics. He gained his skills and knowledge both from open-source and proprietary worlds acquired at companies such as Oracle, IBM, Tibco, and Jaspersoft. Georges was the Regional Sales Manager in charge of France, the French-speaking region, and Southern Europe for Jaspersoft Business Intelligence and ETL solutions for the last seven years.

Today, he puts his expertise at the service of the advancement of Redis.

About the Speaker

François Cerbelle, Solutions Architect, Redis Labs

François has extensive experience in analytical and database technologies having worked a few years as a sales engineer in an ISV integrating analytics, ETL and databases using solutions such as Jaspersoft, Talend, and Infobright, and worked for even longer for software editors such as Jaspersoft, Tibco, and Couchbase.

As Senior Sales Engineer, François assisted clients answering their technical needs and questions, illustrating his answers with presentations and customized technical demonstrations of the solutions meeting each distinct client’s needs. He also successfully carried out missions such as delivering proofs of concept, designing and delivering public or dedicated training, delivering consultancy engagements (Audit, Health checks, sizings, architecture reviews, expertise, implementation).

On top of his consulting activities, Francois has been a contributor to O’Reilly editions as an author, rewriter, and translator for 6 years on their Open Sources and Linux-related books in French. Open Source Software usage, administration, and integration are his passion since 1994.

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