Redis Cloud Private: Fully Managed, Private and Secure Redis Deployments in Your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

When: January 16th, 2018 | 9:00 AM PST
Duration: 60 minutes
Featured Speaker: Kirk Kirkconnell, Sr. Product Manager, Redis Labs
Audience: Redis or/and NoSQL users

You Will Learn

  • How Redis Cloud Private makes it easy to setup, operate, and scale your Redis deployments

Redis Cloud and Redis Cloud Private provide fully managed experiences on public clouds. With Redis Cloud Private, the managed service now moves into your VPC (virtual private cloud) where you can maintain ownership of your compute and data under your account and continue to get a fully managed service from the team that develops Redis open source and Redis Enterprise.

Redis Cloud Private brings Redis Enterprise architecture with
– 99.99% availability SLAs,
– Flexible pricing options that provide great savings
– Fast and simple elasticity to scale to your applications needs
– Data processing using both RAM + Flash
– Consistent high performance at scale
– Support for 100s of tenants/databases under a single deployment.
– Improved security and simplified compliance
– 24x7x365 Support

About the Speaker

Kirk Kirkconnell, Sr. Product Manager, Redis Labs

Kirk is a database enthusiast and practiced operations guy who bring twenty years experience to the Redis Labs’ product team. Most recently, Kirk worked at Couchbase where he was responsible for working with customers gather requirements and create NoSQL database architectures and educating customers about the benefits of NoSQL, among other tasks. Prior to that, he worked for Nokia and other companies as a Database and Application Administrator specializing in Oracle DB, MongoDB, and MySQL.

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