Meet the Developer: RedisTimeSeries

The RedisTimeSeries module adds commands and a datatype that is specifically geared for both storing and aggregating Time Series data. In this interview-style webinar, we’ll be hearing directly from Danni Moiseyev, the author of RedisTimeSeries. There will be an open question / answer period as well.

When:July 23, 2019 | 9:00 am
Duration:45 minutes
Featured Speaker:Kyle Davis, Head of Developer Advocacy, Redis Labs


Kyle Davis, Head of Developer Advocacy, Redis Labs

Kyle Davis is Head of Developer Advocacy at Redis Labs. Aside from crafting code in Rust or Node.js, he presents and writes about Redis. Kyle lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Danni Moiseyev, Lead Software Engineer, Redis Labs

Danni Moiseyev is a Lead Software Engineer with Redis Labs. He leads the development of a time-series Redis module and also works on Redis Enterprise. Prior to joining Redis Labs, Danni worked on a ground-breaking cyber security technology, a Behavioral Firewall and served in an elite unit in the Israeli Defense Forces.

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