Easily Build and Deploy Real-time Applications with Redis Enterprise on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

When: Friday March 29, 2019 | 9:00AM PST
Duration: 45 Minutes
Featured Speaker: Rob Szumski, Principal Product Manager at Red Hat
Audience: Developer and Architects

You Will Learn

  • How containers and Red Hat OpenShift help organizations accelerate development, deploy and manage services.
  • How Operators help you run and rebalance stateful databases on-premises, or in the cloud.
  • Why Redis is the most loved database platform, and how modern businesses use Redis Enterprise to run active/active distributed applications.
  • How you can get started managing Redis Enterprise deployments in your environment with the Redis Operator on Red Hat OpenShift.

Today more and more DevOps teams are using container application platforms like Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift to standardize application packaging, agile development methods, and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

This helps organizations develop cloud-native applications faster and drive business innovation. Red Hat and Redis Labs have partnered to deliver a certified pre-built and packaged solution to run Redis Enterprise as a stateful service on OpenShift. To support teams building with Kubernetes and OpenShift, we built a Kubernetes Operator.  With the Redis Enterprise Operator you can manage the the lifecycle of your Redis deployments in your Kubernetes cluster. This integration offers an efficient and highly scalable persistent Redis Enterprise database for cloud-native applications and services.

By the end of the talk you will have a better understanding of how Redis Enterprise can run in your Kubernetes and OpenShift cluster.  This session also includes a live demo and Q&A portion during which you are encouraged to ask questions.

About the Speaker

Rob Szumski, Principal Product Manager at Red Hat

Rob Szumski is Principal Product Manager for OpenShift at Red Hat. Focused on product design from open source to commercial offerings, Rob has deep experience in UX, web interfaces, and CLI. Rob likes to experiment with the technology he works on to understand it from both the developer’s and the end user’s side, which informs his design decisions.

About the Speaker

Adi Foulger - Principal Architect, Redis Labs

Adi Foulger is Principal Architect for Redis Labs. Coming from a decade of software development, innovation work, and database engineering, Adi leads Redis Labs’ platform integration initiatives around offerings such as PCF and Kubernetes.

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