Redis for Full Text Search

Redis for Full Text Search

Redis’ data structures allow it to solve common search problems with extremely high performance and sophistication. Searching full text documents needs not just high speeds but also scoring of results, filtering and expansion of capabilities. A Redis library for search delivers advanced search capabilities while the RediSearch module┬áprovides the highest performance, most efficient way to implement search with Redis.

Advantages of Full Text Search with Redis

  • Redis’ data structures provide for a variety of index types to solve common search problems at extremely high performance
  • The scalable ReSearch library automates indexing, retrieval, auto-suggest and filtering
  • The new RediSearch module delivers advanced features such as scoring, filtering, query expansion using stemming, automatic suggestions and many more, with simplicity and efficient use of resources
  • Blazing fast execution of searches, 500% faster than specialty search engines relieves customers of the operational overhead of maintaining separate datastores for search


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