Redis for Caching

Redis for Caching

Scale Your Apps Effortlessly

Caching is a technique frequently used to build highly responsive applications with an economy of resources. Effective caching requires a highly available caching layer that can scale economically, with top notch stable performance and low operational complexity.

Advantages of Caching with Redis

  • The highest benchmarked performance enabling customers to dramatically improve their application throughput with sub-millisecond latency, with the lowest number of instances
  • Fewer database accesses reducing database traffic, instances and licenses needed
  • Easier horizontal scaling of the entire application stack
  • Built-in optimized data structures that enable blazing fast access and analysis on stored data
  • Granular per key expiry mechanisms and multiple eviction policies (LRU, TTL and more) to efficiently manage objects in the cache
  • Configurable notifications on expiry events for superior cache consistency and cache operations management


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