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Redis Enterprise Powers High Performance Search

How Redis Enterprise Makes Search Easy

Why Search is Hard With Other Databases:

Too slow:

Most other search solutions rely on slow, disk-based indexing and define “real-time” as minutes or hours from index to query availability.

Too complex:

Other search solutions require deploying additional stacks of servers, virtual machines, coordination layers and libraries.

Can’t Scale:

Other search solutions struggle as they cluster to many nodes, providing diminishing performance returns.

Why Redis Enterprise for Search

Real time:

RediSearch is true real time, 1 millisecond from indexing to query availability.

Least complex:

RediSearch is implemented as a module inside Redis Enterprise and can be utilized through standard Redis libraries, no new software to manage nor libraries to integrate.

Scales like a champ:

RediSearch is optimized for both fully connected Fan-in/Fan-out as well as tree-based fan-in/fan-out to deliver a consistent performance to scale.

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