• Dynamic Pricing
  • Custom Advertising
  • Catalog Recommendation
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Custom Advertising
  • Catalog Recommendation
  • Credit Risk Analysis
  • Custom Content Discovery
  • Tailored Game Experience
Delivering custom, personalized experiences such the above scenarios, in real-time and at high scale is difficult. Traditional approaches using disk based or relational databases are cumbersome and cannot deliver the agility required . Often these approaches are also complex and difficult to scale, because customary databases are not built to handle these next generation application needs.

How Redis Enterprise Makes This Easy

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Why This is Hard With Other Databases:

Too expensive:

Most other databases require huge amounts of resources to handle the millions of ops/sec and sub-millisecond latencies needed for real-time personalization

Too complex:

Using RDBMS-es or other NoSQLs requires you to fit your data into the schema they can handle, while Redis can adapt to your data processing scenario

Takes too long:

Most other databases need complex functionality to be handled at the application level, consuming time and resources

Featured Customer

Microsoft Corporation uses Redis Enterprise to deliver targeted personalized experiences.

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Redis Enterprise For Personalization

Fast time to market:

Built-in data structures and modules give Redis Enterprise an unbeatable advantage in delivering real-time personalization fast and with low development overhead. Fast data ingest with very few resources, caching with multiple granular expiry options, publish-subscribe functions, flexible user session handling and in-database analytics functionality ranging from set comparisons to machine learning simplify development with uncompromised performance.

Least complexity:

Redis Enterprise takes all the operational hassle out of deployment, availability and scaling through automation of the critical processes for managing Redis databases and with technology that incorporates failure protection against every scenario.

Lowest costs:

Redis Enterprise maximizes the power you can get from your infrastructure by delivering millions of writes/sec with just a few servers, through utilization of all available virtual or physical cores for computing and built-in multi-tenancy with controls for balancing and re-balancing shards to ensure consistent performance. By extending Redis to utilize Flash memory as a RAM extension, Redis enterprise delivers the perfect balance of memory-like performance at SSD-like costs.

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