Redis Labs and Pivotal Cloud Foundry Integration

Redis Labs and Pivotal Cloud Foundry Integration

Redis Labs and Pivotal Bring Highly Available Enterprise Redis to Cloud Foundry

Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Redis Labs collaborate to deliver the Redise (RLEC) Tile on Pivotal Network.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry users can now build and deploy world-class enterprise applications with stable high performing highly available Redis enterprise from Redis Labs. The integration allows unified access and one-click deployment of the Redise (RLEC) Tile from Pivotal Network.




Highlights of the integration :

  • Pivotal Cloud Foundry users gain access to the hassle-free, zero-downtime scaling and true high availability provided by RLEC
  • Cloud Foundry administrators can now provide their users with 1-click provisioning of Redis Labs’ highly available Redis by incorporating the RLEC tile in their deployments
  • Application developers and architects can now incorporate the world’s most popular in-memory data structure store in their applications to gain the extreme high performance, superb low latencies, delivered with minimal operational overhead

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