Redis Labs and IBM Power Systems Integration

Redis Labs and IBM Power Systems Integration

Redis Labs and IBM Power Deliver the Most Powerful NoSQL Data Engine

Redis Labs and the IBM POWER Division jointly offer a powerful Redis solution over POWER8 servers called the IBM NoSQL Data Engine. This revolutionary product runs Redis on both RAM and Flash memory used as a RAM extension, and works with any Redis client without changing the standard Redis API.

Redis Labs on POWER dramatically cuts down the deployment cost of Redis, while maintaining an all-in-RAM sub-millisecond latency. IBM POWER8 servers are equipped with a higher number of virtual cores, allowing a higher number of Redis instances to be run per server compared to industry standard x86 servers.

With a maximum throughput of 4 Million operations/second on a standard IBM POWER8 box, compared to 2.4 Million operations/second for the equivalent x86 server, the IBM solution delivers a cost savings of 96% for 67% higher throughput when running enterprise Redis in RAM.

Redis EnterpriseĀ on IBM POWER8 using a combination of RAM and IBM Flash, which is optimized for higher throughput than commodity Flash, delivers 200% higher throughput at up to 70% lower operational costs.


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