Redis for Retail/E-commerce

Redis for Retail/E-commerce

E-commerce Binges on Redis. See How

Modern ecommerce platforms and retailers rely on Redis to deliver extreme application responsiveness and an engaging customer experience, all with flexibility of deployment and versatility of uses.

Retail Use Cases for Redis

User Sessions
The competitive world of retail thrives on shopping experiences customized to user activity and anticipating user behavior. Millions of data points generated by users need the high throughput and low latency of Redis for effective and fast responsiveness.

Customer Engagement
Engaging customers by allowing them to share purchases, ratings, opinions and follow influencers, requires the extreme responsiveness and versatility of Redis, to handle complex social and messaging functionality with simplicity and low overhead.

High Speed Transactions
The e-commerce industry relies on high speed transactions for continued customer satisfaction and revenue growth. Redis powers high speed customer operations, presenting and accepting deals, prices and offers that are exactly matched to customers.

Caching is often the smartest way for online retailers and e-commerce platforms to achieve extreme responsiveness for their users, with minimal resources and minimal overhead on expensive RDBMS databases. Redis is the best choice for caching due to its lean footprint, immediate time to value and blazing fast response times.

Real time analytics
A real time understanding of the user and matching them with with the right offer is critical to cutting edge retail applications. Unmatched analytic speeds make Redis a popular choice to implement in line evaluations.


“Auto scaling is great to have and Redis Enterprise Cloud handles all our scaling needs without any downtime. We at Stance have architected things to be very efficient, but Redis Enterprise Cloud surprised us with how effortlessly efficient it can be.”

Andrew Spencer
Director of Technology at Stance

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