Redis for Mobile

Redis for Mobile

Mobile Apps Dial Redis. See Why

Mobile applications rely on Redis to deliver flawless application performance and a highly responsive and engaging customer experience, with unparalleled performance under conditions of any load.

Mobile Use Cases for Redis

Personalized User Sessions
Mobile applications get adopted faster and flourish when they are able to react to user choices in real time and present location and behavior based recommendations. Redis’ sub-millisecond response times even with high volumes of users makes it an ideal choice for personalized user experiences.

Gaming and E-sports
Impeccable game performance even with massive multi-player systems requires Redis’ unique data structures, with in-database operations to provide inline game analytics, using the least amount of hardware resources.

Customer Engagement
Application stickiness is increased multi-fold by fostering engagement with customers’ social networks. Redis’ unique data structures’ in-built operations enable crucial social engagement like chat, follows, trending, top ratings and many other features, with extreme simplicity.

High Speed Transactions
Mobile transactions require a highly responsive architecture that minimizes response times to users. Redis, with its lean footprint and low latencies powers extremely high speed transactions, with very few hardware resources.

Server side caching is often the smartest way for mobile applications to achieve extreme responsiveness for their users, with minimal resources and minimal overhead on expensive RDBMS databases. Redis is the best choice for caching due to its lean footprint, immediate time to value and blazing fast response times.


“Redis Lab’s Redis Enterprise Cloud is the most cost-effective and least operational overhead way to deploy Redis.”

Mohammad Almalkawi
Twitter Staff Engineer

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