Redis for Financial Services

Redis for Financial Services

Financial Services Companies Bank on Redis. See Why

Financial services companies chose Redis because of its extreme throughput and low latencies, its versatility and simplicity of deployment, and broad community support.

Financial Use Cases for Redis

High Speed Transactions
Time sensitive financial transactions need Redis’ low latencies, ability to deliver massive calculations, and versatility at handling every type of data processing requirement at high performance.

Personalized experiences are critical for driving growth in the financial sector. Redis’ unique data structures provide the exceptional flexibility and performance needed to understand user characteristics and generate custom experiences on the fly.

Risk Management
Reducing risks through fraud detection requires instant perception and analysis across a variety of data points. Accelerate analysis across a wider variety of data sets and data types, without requiring the deep data model and application changes characteristic of traditional systems.

Real time analytics that provide instantaneous insights are crucial for driving business growth. Reporting across extremely large datasets with sub-millisecond responsiveness to user requirements needs the extraordinary low latencies of Redis. Redis on Flash, provides the price/performance the financial industry needs, for large dataset analysis at low cost.

Caching is an important technique to reduce the load on the most expensive database resources by positioning application data as close as possible to the user. Redis is the best choice for caching due to its lean footprint, immediate time to value and blazing fast response times.


“Auto-failover and seamless clustering were the main reasons we chose Redis Enterprise—and the expertise provided by the Redis Labs team is a huge bonus.”

Brandon Ragan
Lead Systems Engineer, Motley Fool

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