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Trusted by 3 of the 4 Largest Credit Card Issuers and Leading Financial Services Companies


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Data is the foundation of all digital transformation initiatives in the finance industry.

Redis Enterprise is the high-performance database of choice across the finance industry including leading credit card companies, multinational banks, consumer and corporate lending firms, boutique financial services, hedge funds, and FinTech upstarts.

Redis Enterprise Database Recognized as a NoSQL Leader

Forrester Research cited Redis Labs, home of Redis, as a Leader in The Forrester WaveTM: Big Data NoSQL, Q1 2019

NoSQL has become critical for financial services companies to support a new generation of applications. These modern financial applications built with microservices architecture depend on real-time data to deliver instant experiences, requiring databases that can be deployed on multiple clouds, on-premises or in a hybrid architecture. 

According to Forrester, half of global data and analytics technology decision makers either have implemented or are implementing flexible NoSQL platforms, like Redis Enterprise offered by Redis Labs.

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Redis Enterprise, First And Only True Multi-Model Database

Financial Services companies struggle to harness data for useful insights from their fragmented data architecture and to build microservices based applications that provide instant experiences by accessing all relevant data.

Redis Enterprise is an elegant multi-model database for heterogeneous data, breaking down data silos, simplifying operations and enabling real-time analytics for modern applications. It empowers application developers with great flexibility and sub-millisecond response times bringing all the data models together into a unified database platform.

Redis Enterprise delivers predictable sub-millisecond performance and scale for large volumes of structured, unstructured or semi-structured constantly changing data, scaling easily to millions of operations per second.

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Redis Enterprise Use Cases for Financial Services

High-Speed Transactions

Time-sensitive financial transactions need Redis’ low latency ability to deliver massive calculations and versatility at handling every type of data processing requirement at high performance.

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Caching is an important technique to reduce the load on the most expensive database resources by positioning application data as close as possible to the user. Redis is the best choice for caching due to its lean footprint, immediate time to value and blazing fast response times.

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Full-Text Search

Ask any question of all your financial data and get real-time answers at blazing speeds with built-in rapid-fire search capabilities. Redis Enterprise supports simultaneous indexing and advanced searches over fast-moving text, numeric and geospatial data.

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Fraud Mitigation

Financial transactions require reducing risks through fraud detection. Redis Enterprise provides instant perception and analysis across a variety of data points by accelerating analysis across a wider variety of data sets and data types.

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Session Stores

Redis Enterprise is ideal for session store use cases delivering both the high-availability and the durability needed for session store with in-memory replication.

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Real-time Personalization

Use Redis Enterprise to deliver custom, personalized experiences such as dynamic pricing, credit risk analysis, custom advertising, content discovery, catalog recommendation and user content.

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Hosted and serverless DBaaS. The fastest way to deploy Redis Enterprise. Price per GB. Starts at $5/mo. 30MB FREE TRIAL!


Hosted DBaaS in a dedicated VPC. Supports advanced capabilities like Active-Active Geo Distribution, Redis-on-Flash, Search, Graph or Document data models. Can be migrated to your own cloud account. Price per shard. Starts at $0.758/hr. FIRST $100 FREE!



Software you can install on any cloud or private data center. Includes all Redis Enterprise's advance capabilities. Downloadable software, in containers, on Pivotal CF, OpenShift or as AWS AMI. Price per shard. 30 DAY FREE TRIAL!