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Redis is a popular high-performance game server database due to its extreme throughput and low latencies, the simplicity of deployment, and broad community support.

Redis is extensively used in gaming applications for ranking players in multi-player games through leaderboards, tracking player sessions with current statistics, and for caching to augment the capabilities of other datastores such as MySQL, Cassandra, and MongoDB.

Redis Enterprise Database Recognized as a NoSQL Leader

Forrester Research cited Redis Labs, home of Redis, as a Leader in The Forrester WaveTM: Big Data NoSQL, Q1 2019

Redis has become critical for gaming companies to support a new generation of applications that depend on real-time data to deliver instant gaming experiences, requiring game servers with Redis to be deployed on multiple clouds to be closer to players. According to Forrester, half of global data and analytics technology decision makers either have implemented or are implementing flexible NoSQL platforms, like Redis Enterprise offered by Redis Labs.

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Dramatically Lower Your Redis Infrastructure Costs With Redis On Flash

Game developers need to consider gaming architectures that provide continuous availability of data and meet the performance demands of millions of daily users.

Redis Enterprise allows for the creation of Redis on Flash (RoF) databases that extend RAM capacity with local solid state disks and to significantly store more data with fewer resources, reducing costs. Where standard Redis databases must all be in RAM, Redis on Flash enables Redis databases to span both RAM and dedicated flash memory.

RoF is extremely fast; in cases where the environment is well optimized, RoF can run as fast as Redis on RAM. This enables you to have much larger datasets with RAM-like latency and performance, but at a dramatically lower cost than an all-RAM database. In many cases, Redis on Flash can cut resource costs by over 70%.

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Redis Enterprise Use Cases for Gaming

High-Speed Transactions

Games need Redis’ low latency ability to handle every type of data processing requirement at high performance and at an unprecedented scale especially when data arrives in great volume and at high speed.

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Caching with Redis is an important technique used by game developers to reduce the load on datastores such as MySQL, Cassandra, and MongoDB while enjoying blazing fast response times.

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Leaderboards and Ranking

Leaderboards are commonly used in gaming platforms where gamification can lead to better user experience. Sorted sets in Redis are a perfect fit for implementing a leaderboard, which has made Redis a popular choice for many gaming applications.

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Session Stores

Redis Enterprise is ideal for session store use cases in games delivering both the high-availability and the durability needed for session store with in-memory replication.

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Using Redis collect and process high volumes of in-game data, segment gameplay variations and identify top performing configurations fast.

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Highly Available Redis

Redis Enterprise allows you to have a fully HA database while reducing infrastructure costs. It is the only NoSQL database on the market to leverage CRDT-based active-active architecture.

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